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A Tag of Convenience: 15 Useful Hashtags for Homeschoolers

homeschool hashtagsBy Sadie Douse

Are you a homeschooler? Do you come to school in you PJ’s? Does your P.E. class consist of you chasing around your siblings? Do you have to move all of the dirty laundry from your desk before you start your studies for the day? Well, life’s not quite that simple when you’re a homeschooler. Funny, how everyone thinks homeschoolers have it easy. Au contraire, they do not since their whole life is organized within the boundaries of their lawn fence! By whole life I don’t literally mean whole life. I mean life that other kids generally have at school (i.e. social life, study life, etc.). Homeschoolers manage living and studying and doing it all right in their homes.

With the use of internet and social media (Hah! This is a privilege “non-homies” certainly don’t have at school), homeschoolers or homeschooling parents can use homeschool hashtags to follow Twitter accounts that contain a lot of useful information. Hashtags work on Facebook and Google Plus as well. The pound sign (or hash) turns any word or group of words that directly follow it into a searchable link. This allows you to track topics based on those keywords. Check out these homeschool hashtags to get connected with discussion groups, resources, advice, and more.

General Homeschooling

1. #Homeschool – This homeschool hashtag will give you tons of links and helpful advice on the subject. Curriculum reviews, books, and amazing video links can also be found that are all based on “homeschooling.” See also these homeschool hashtags: #homeschoolers, #homeschooling, and #homeschooled.

2. #HomeEducate – Parents, this is a great homeschool hashtag for you to follow. Get to know what goes on in the world where people, or parents, decided to educate their children at home. See also #HomeEducators, #HomeEducation, and #HomeEducating.

3. #HSMommas  – This is where many other homeschooling mommas like you hang out to share useful information on the subject of home school. They might give you curriculum and planner ideas that you never thought of before.

4. #HSBloggers – This homeschool hashtag is one of the best ways to get most of the homeschool blogging updates. There are plenty of useful articles posted here (i.e. help your child become a better reader, tips for getting back to schooling, etc). A weekly twitter chat also takes place here.

5. #HSClassroom – A lot of homeschoolers themselves post here. Ask any homeschooler in the world a question, get some tips or advice from other homeschoolers, or just post whatever you feel like.

Homeschooling Sub-Groups

6. #unschool – Hop on the “unschool” bus where children get unschooling through homeschooling. Here you can connect and learn with other unschoolers and posts from the unschooling twitter account. See also #unschoolers.

7. #highschool – Find general high school-level information using this hashtag. For more specific information related to homeschooling, use #homeschoolinghighschool.

8. #homeschoolteen – Parents and teens alike can use this hashtag to discuss anything about homeschooling as it relates to the teen ages. You can also use #homeschoolgrad or #homeschoolgraduate if you’ve graduated from your homeschool.

9. #mlearning – Find out how to learn on the go. See also #mobilelearning which is another hashtag for a discussion of mobile learning topics.

10. #onlinelearning – Follow trends, learning resources, and more. See also #elearning and #onlineed to check out trends in online learning technology. Or #MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) for free online courses offered by the top universities and colleges in a wide range of subjects.

There are many other sub-groups in homeschooling. Depending on your need or your child’s needs, you can make your search more specific.

Homeschooling Special Needs

11. #specialneeds – Meet some of the world’s greatest special children experts and follow their accounts in the “people” section. If you are a mom who has a child with special needs, this hashtag will give you plenty to look into for help and advice.

12. #gifted – A parent is certainly “gifted” with their child. To set aside your daily frustrations with difficult kids to homeschool, you’ll want to follow such accounts to remind of your gift from God and the reason why you began homeschooling.

13. #dyslexiaOne in five students have reading problems, and of those students, most are likely to have dyslexia. This hashtag will connect you to other parents and children with dealing with dyslexia. It’s a great way to know how to educate and manage your child with this issue.

14. #Autism – You’ll find some great communities that aid the child and mother dealing with autism. Latest news, speakers, blogs, tips, and much more can be found with respect to your/your child’s needs. Autism Classroom can be found under this hashtag providing homeschooling tips for autistic children.

15. #bilingual – If you’re teaching your child to be bilingual, this tag can be helpful.

Did I miss any of your favorite homeschool hashtags? Tell me what it is below!

Author Bio: Sadie loves to help students with their assignments she usually provides essay helps to students. She also loves to write articles and usually publishes them as a Guest author. Also a fan of Game of Thrones, circle her on Google+.

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