8 Self-Care Tips to Defeat Stress (Infographic)

By Jennifer

I hope you are staying safe, happy, and healthy. I thought you might enjoy this visual from The Derm Review that covers 8 self-care tips to defeat stress. These tips, backed by scientific research, are designed to help you combat stress by taking care of your physical and mental health.

Although the infographic focuses on how to defeat stress in the workplace, the same tips can also apply to school-related stress. For example, did you know that engaging in positive thinking can decrease stress and lower rates of depression?

Here is the list of tips:

  1. Focus on sleep hygiene. Turn your computer off an hour before bed to allow for “wind down” time.
  2. Eat regular meals. Stress hormones increase stomach acid and can cause ulcers on an empty stomach.
  3. Get a furry friend. Interacting with animals can decrease stress and lower blood pressure.
  4. Practice breathing exercises. Stress raises our heart rate and can cause rapid breathing.
  5. Drink plenty of water. Decreased water intake and increased fluid loss due to stress can cause severe dehydration.
  6. Practice self care. Stress hormones trigger oil glands to produce more oil, which can cause acne flare-ups, so keep your face clean.
  7. Exercise regularly. Regular exercise lowers stress levels and releases happy hormones called endorphins.
  8. Engage in positive self-talk. Health benefits of positive thinking include increased life span and lower rates of depression.

Here’s the infographic:

Did you know…? Stress and acne have a complex relationship. The stress hormone cortisol increases pimples by increasing skin oil and clogged pores. It also disturbs your daily routine of sleep, appetite, exercise, and skincare. This puts pressure on the body, pulling you into a vicious cycle of stress and acne. For more information about stress acne, its causes and how you can banish it, read the full article at The Derm Review: https://thedermreview.com/stress-acne

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