8 Mistakes that Create a Gap Between Parent and Teen Relationships

By Jenifer Bradshaw

It is just the nature of every parent to start the conversation with a lecture while communicating with their teen. As much as we want our kids to grow up mature and able to make decisions for themselves, we still intervene in their lives by saying they are not right.

The reason why our teens feel reluctant to discuss any of their personal problems with us is because they know that the discussion will soon turn into a lecture. Therefore, it is important that parents must give a decent sense of freedom to their teens so that they may discuss whatever personal problem they are going through.

Don’t Give Them A Free Hand

Most parents try to ignore the behavior of their teens and regard it as “coming of age tantrums.” This is wrong because you must know what your child is up to, no matter how much they have grown up. However, it certainly doesn’t mean you start interfering in their matters. Just keep the friendliness alive.

Forget Rules As Your Child Grows

Parents nowadays don’t even realize that punishing a teenage would just make them more rebellious, not obedient. They either go for grounding them or not giving them pocket money for the week. If parents think this will bring their children on track, then they are wrong because this will make them rebellious and they will continue the behavior until you free them from the punishment.

Don’t Set Goals By Yourself

You can’t set high goals for your teen in the very beginning. Let your child get accustomed to the trend of homeschool education and allow him to take it easy on himself. Parents who yell at their children just because they are not doing as they expected is also wrong. This yelling will just pressurize them, making them feel afraid of the studies and the result will be poor performance.

Don’t Always Expect Positive

It is not in the hands of someone to always do positive work, so how can we expect from our teen to do everything right whether they have control over it or not. Even if they fail to do something right, make sure you encourage them and make them feel that there is room for improvement.

Highlighting The Negative

Always targeting the flaws of your child may result in low self-esteem of your teen and they will never try to get through it. Rather than pointing out the negative things of your teen, try to boost their confidence level by appreciating whatever they do.

Ignoring Their Education

Many parents have this perception that they are all freed now that their teen is going to school and he/she will learn everything from school. That is just wrong. Do not expect your teen to learn everything on their own. There are many other things that your teen won’t learn from school. It is the responsibility of parents to deal with such matters. Otherwise, keep waiting till you hear that your child smokes, drinks, or does whatever he or she feels is okay.

Not Giving the Family Time

In many families, both parents (mother and father) belong to a working profession. This keeps them busy and they unintentionally lose their time with the family. No time for family even at the dinner table brings many gaps in between everyone. So, it is better to give it a thought and bring your family close so they may discuss their life with each other without any hesitation. Parents not giving proper time to their children may not be able to understand them, which is very important to do especially when your child is a teenager now.

Not Keeping Up With Their Generation Trends

Parents mostly try to rule their teens on the basis of what they have experienced and what their beliefs are, and so they do not try to keep up with what their children think. Parents have to understand that there is a vast difference in between their generation and the generation their children belong to. You need to keep in mind the generation gap and try to keep up with their trends rather than imposing yours on them.

Author Bio: Jenifer Bradshaw is a blogger who loves to help parents make their homeschool endeavors stress and hassle free. By profession she’s an academician serving Assignment Consultant and helping students.

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