7 Revolutionary War Sites Your Teen Should Know

The US has many historic buildings, battlefields, and forts from the Revolutionary War. As a great way to educate your teen, try taking a two-week trip down to these most memorable Revolutionary War sites.

  1. Boston

Your first stay should be near Boston, a city full of Revolutionary history and the perfect base camp to explore the Bunker Hill Monument. In one of the earliest battles of the Revolution, the Battle of Bunker Hill, the British defeated the Americans. However, the inexperienced colonists were able to deal a significant blow that would give them confidence while dealing with the siege of Boston.

While in Boston, you will also want to visit the Minuteman National Historical Park. This park is a great place to give your teen a lesson on the minutemen and how they were able to rouse the militia upon the British invasion. Just remember to keep it fun and don’t give them any homework.

  1. Albany

Your next stop should be Albany, where you can easily access the Saratoga National Historical Park. This park contains the site of the Battle of Saratoga, where, in 1777, the colonists defeated the British Army, marking the first time the red coats surrendered in history.

  1. Valley Forge, PA

Please visit Washington Crossing Historic Park. You probably shared the story of Washington Crossing. This move allowed him to win the Battle of Trenton. It’s also a must-see if your teen is a Henry Knox fan.

When you’re finished with this park, don’t be afraid to visit Valley Forge National Historical Park. At first, you might think this is a site of dire times because of the winter spent here from 1777 to 1778. However, that would discount the success of the new city established here and the improvements made to the Continental Army.

  1. Philadelphia, PA

Moving just a little farther south, you’ll want to spend plenty of time exploring the city of Philadelphia and paying a visit to Independence Hall. The site where the founding fathers wrote the earliest American documents, this building, essential documents, and the Liberty Bill are preserved at this national park.

After a day of adventure at the historical sites, head to the Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner to relax and unwind. Tomorrow, you can spend some time browsing in two of the largest shopping centers in the U.S. before heading further south to continue your Revolutionary War expedition.

  1. Yorktown, VA

The Yorktown Battlefield is another top hit. In 1781 General Cornwallis was here awaiting reinforcements from NY. That summer, the colonists and the French laid siege to the city, defeated the British, and officially ended the Revolutionary War.

  1. Greensboro, NC

You can head south and inland to find your next stop, Guilford Courthouse in NC. This place is one of the most pivotal battles of the Revolution. It would set the tone of victory for 1781. General Cornwallis defeated American troops led by Nathanael Greene. Greene dealt a significant blow to Cornwallis’ troops, which encouraged the final victory.

  1. Blacksburg, SC

End your tour in western SC, visiting two crucial battlefields, Cowpens and Kings Mountain. Cowpens is a national battlefield. It tells the story of Brigadier General Daniel Morgan’s victory over 1,000 British soldiers in 1781.

Right up the road, you can visit the place where the tides indeed turned during the Revolution. The Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780 was the first crucial victory for American troops. The Kings Mountain National Military Park preserves the field where this battle occurred. It is one of the most patriotic stops, right behind the Yorktown Battlefield.

Visiting these Revolutionary War sites is a great way to share your love of American history with your teen. It also ensures they get a well-rounded understanding of the critical events that led to the founding of the United States.

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