7 Essential Tips for Men to Dress Well

Learning how to dress well is undoubtedly a great challenge for any young man. The problem is that this can be a very relative concept and, with so many different references, it will vary according to each personality, body type and other factors. After all, they still haven’t invented a style that pleases and suits everyone, right?

Precious tips for men on how to dress well

Here Sainly discuss 7 tips so that the modern man does not make a mistake when composing a very stylish look. To know how to dress well you need to think about fabrics, fit, basic pieces, good jeans, and a few other things. Look.

1. Fabric and fit are king

Anyone who thinks that to dress well, sophistication is synonymous with expensive clothes and fine attire, is wrong. What will determine if you are well dressed or not is the fit of the clothes and the quality of the fabric of each piece?

Combining pieces with 100% fabrics and the correct size, adjusted to the measurements of the body, you will be able to dress well and have an extremely elegant look, personality and that will last much longer than other types of fashionable clothes.

2. Have at least two basic T-shirts

To know how to dress well, you also don’t have to dare all the time. By the way, one of the secrets to not making a mistake is to use simple and neutral pieces as the basis of your look.

Therefore, it is essential that you have at least one white and one black shirt, which will serve as a joker both in casual compositions and even formal attire. In the image, we highlight pieces that are basic and can be inserted in any situation.

3. Invest in good jeans

Even though all styles are unanimous, there are those who still make mistakes when choosing the perfect jeans. Despite the wide variety of models and colours available, it’s best to opt for straight-cut pants that follow your body measurements and in a dark or classic wash.

4. Buy at least one suit and pair of dress pants

This item is not to be missed! Even if it is not part of your daily “dress code”, eventually, an occasion will arise that will require this type of attire. If you are not used to wearing a suit and dress pants, look for models in neutral and dark colours, so that you can combine them with the shirts and ties you have available.

Also, the basic rule here is to make a tailored set that has a perfect fit for you. And don’t forget: business attire = Men’s Business Shoes

5. Bet on the white dress shirt

If before it was used only in formal looks, today the social shirt transits through different styles and occasions. The white one is the right choice for those who want to start wearing this piece on a daily basis. It will match any type of blazer, pants, shorts or footwear. Thus, failing to have one is not an excuse!

6. Renew your shoes

Repeat after me: sports sneakers are only for sports activities! So, stop using them on a daily basis right now and renew your shoe collection. Try to diversify the shoe models even more, investing in black sneakers, blue moccasins, and brown leather boots, among others.

7. Take a risk on accessories

Mainly for those men who want to know how to dress well and follow a basic style, accessories are essential to give personality to the look. Wear sunglasses that suit your face shape, risk buying a hat, and feel free to add watches and bracelets to suit your taste.

How to dress well spending little?

This is a question that many people ask. The answer is not so simple, because who makes you want to dress very well and still spend little? The question seems somewhat paradoxical, but it is not.

Yes, dear reader, it is possible to dress well on a low budget. What happens is that if you buy good, basic pieces that fit well and you have a well-organized closet, you’ll save money because you’ll have fewer clothes that fit you well.

  • The simple, well-adjusted to the body and its style and with good colour combination, it helps. Don’t run away from the basics.
  • Have shirts that fit you well and in colours: white, blue, black and graphite (they allow good combinations with black pants, for example).
  • Choose pants (jeans and a business suit (black)) that fit you well and allow variations with the shirts.
  • Buy leather shoes, as they last longer and enhance the look.
  • Choose clothes based on your body shape.

Yes, dear reader, not all cool clothes cost an arm and a leg.

Organize your closet and optimize your purchases with clothes that offer a variety of combinations.

How do you know if an outfit fits you well?

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, as an old saying goes. Those of others (especially the closest ones) help, but yours also needs to observe every detail.

Have you ever heard the saying: Not everything that looks good on an artist stays on you? Well, it is true. Not everything that is fashionable or looks good on one person can look good on you. Be aware when looking in the mirror or in the opinion of those close to you.

Dressing well opens doors

Imagine James Bond without his impeccable suits, watches and glasses. Yes, the art of dressing well, with well-lined and ironed clothes, with clean and brushed shoes and good accessories ends up being a differential when it comes to dressing well in men’s fashion.

Which company on your side can resist a good perfume, clean hair, and well-groomed skin? Think about it when buying your clothes, shoes and accessories.

So, what did you think of our suggestions on how to dress well?

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