7 College Degrees for the Traveler

By Claire Stewart

Do you wish you could travel without a care in the world? That’s a great dream, and one many people have. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly practical. While traveling can be done frugally, it still takes money, and even with the opportunities to make money on the road, you still need the skills. If you’d like to go abroad, take a look at these seven college degrees for the traveler, which will allow you to support yourself while living out your dream.


If you think your love for reading and writing will only get you as far as teaching middle school English to a class full of hyped up twelve year olds in your hometown then think again. With a degree in English today you’ll have the option to teach in far off places like South America and Asia where English teachers are in high demand. If you’d rather not teach but still love writing you can hop on the plane and travel the world in search of the best food and places to stay as a travel or food critic.


Like international relations, traveling can be inherent to the career of a journalist. If you have an interest in global news coverage you may find yourself reporting on topics in a foreign country as a correspondent to a national service.


Back in the day, Hollywood was the place to be if you wanted to make it as a filmmaker. Today, as a director or cinematographer at the highest level, you will find yourself anywhere from exotic locations like Sumatra and Austria to rural homelands in Georgia or wild cities like New Orleans.

Athletic Training

If you’re passionate about sports and have a propensity to treat others but still want to travel then becoming an athletic trainer might be a great decision. As a trainer you will travel with your team or, if you wish to be independent, you may become specialized for a certain sport and follow the professional athletes on tour.


They say there is a consultant for every kind of business out there. That means there are thousands consultants for all kinds of companies in industries ranging from electronics and manufacturing to entertainment and sports and that doesn’t even scratch the surface. But what do all these consultants do? They travel to the company they are working for, help out with anything from evaluating daily operations to coming up with a marketing or finance strategy and, once the project is done, move on to the next one.

Business degrees can be used for far more than just consulting though. You could become the owner of a commercial trucking company, traveling to cities around the country to make shipping deals. You could join a business marketing team for an internet marketing company, and travel around the world, selling your services to other businesses and potential partners. The sky’s the limit when it comes to business degrees, and many of them are perfect for a traveler.

Environmental Science

If you were told scientists stay in a lab waiting hours or days for an experiment to show results, you’ve been greatly misled. While the experimentation process can be tedious at times, many environmental scientists typically spend their days traveling from site to site, studying why a particular aspect of that site works a certain way.

International Relations

One of the most important aspects of diplomacy is fostering connections between foreign entities. While becoming a diplomat is unlikely, there are many people who work with and around diplomats. These people have the opportunity to travel with them to foreign countries, experiencing other cultures and peoples, as well as knowing that they have a hand in helping relations with foreign dignitaries.

If you’re looking for a degree that can take you around the country or the world, fulfilling your dreams while keeping cash in your pocket, the above options are just a start. Use your imagination and find the perfect degree for you and the lifestyle you want to live.

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