7 Big Misconceptions About Homeschooling High School

misconceptionsBy Sheza Hanif

Many parents of teens ask “How does homeschooling work? Will it do more benefit or harm to my teen?” Also, there are several misconceptions about homeschooling high school. Whether you always desired to homeschool or you have been forced during crisis time, it is essential to know the reality about homeschooling misconceptions.

We all know that there are several pros and cons of homeschooling high school. And parents, when they choose between studying at home and traditional form of education, should be mindful of them. Also, every homeschool family faces misconceptions, misunderstandings, and even criticism.

Let us talk about the seven big misconceptions about homeschooling or studying at home while using our experience. Keep reading; I hope you will find the answers to your questions in this post!

Parents are Not Qualified Enough to Teach High Schoolers

It does not matter how skilled the parents are, and here is evidence. An education expert, Dr. Lawrence M. Rudner, did global research, exploring the test scores of homeschoolers. He found that regardless of the degree of the parents, the teens show excellent achievement, no matter if their parents are certified teachers or not.

To conclude, irrespective of the types of homeschooling you prefer, whether you are a teacher or not, a homeschool teen can perform better as compared to his/her high schooled fellows in any subject.

High School Students are Better Socialized as Compared to Homeschoolers

An important reason that resists parents from teaching their children is, as they consider, “a lack of socialization.” Well! Homeschoolers are not afraid of bullying, peer pressure, and cliques as they do not have to face this negative side of socialization.

Instead, they easily communicate with their relatives, the elderly, younger kids, and peers, among others. They don’t have to miss out on traditional high school activities, either. For many homeschooling teens, the homeschool prom is the premiere annual homeschool social event.

Homeschoolers Always Stay at Home

It depends on the personalities of the children and parents. If you and your teen love to stay at home, then homeschooling is another opportunity for you to sit at home. However, if you are living an active lifestyle, homeschooling cannot restrain you from going the same way.

In fact, homeschooling will give you the chance to go to skiing slopes, beaches, parks, performances, museums, concerts, etc. during the midweek because there are no crowds and prices are lower at this time. Some parents even hire a limo on their child’s birthday or for their senior prom to make them happy.

Homeschoolers Miss the High School Experience

Homeschooled teens do not think that they cannot get the high school experience. Instead, it’s the other way around; homeschoolers consider that schooled students cannot enjoy the teen years.

The homeschoolers can easily manage their regular studying by themselves: different approaches and ideas to homeschooling let them explore and learn favorite subjects longer and more in-depth, only because they love it, not because they are forced to.

Homeschoolers Have Trouble While Entering a College

The renowned places such as UC Berkeley, Yale, Dartmouth, and many others search for homeschoolers, and the practice has revealed, they enter at a high rate. It happens because the homeschooled individuals have unique qualities and skills which help them to do better at college or university.

They know how to manage time; they are responsible for the studying process, motivated, and self-disciplined. Most homeschool teens are more prepared to enter a college as compared to their peers.

Homeschooled Teens Cannot Function in the Real World

Homeschooled teens spend every day of their learning in the real world. A big misconception about these students is that they sit at home and do not get the chance to leave home.

In reality, homeschooled teens get more time outside and learn more about their surroundings while learning from home. Also, they can involve and take part in team sports without missing their work.

Extracurricular Activities are Not Available

Homeschooling frees up more time for your teen to be active and involved in the community. There is no waiting for the whole class to end. No disciplinary issues of the classroom and less distraction mean that the teens can focus more and move ahead when they are free.

Instead of the tedious school hours that hold students back, the homeschooled students will have extra time to involve in extracurricular activities, learn new hobbies and skills, work on homework, relax, and play later in the day with their friends.

The Verdict

Do not get me wrong; I am not saying that homeschooling is an effortless job, and you will only enjoy your life and have fun. No! Homeschooling is hard work for you as a parent and for your teen. You, as a parent, will have to be motivating and strict. Get lots of information before asking yourself, “How to start homeschooling?”

I hope this post has helped you to throw away these common homeschooling misconceptions. We believe that no matter how many hardships you face at the start, homeschooling is a beneficial way of studying and worth your efforts!

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