6 Tips Single Parents Can Use for Homeschooling

One of the most difficult jobs I can think of is a single parent homeschooling her child. Homeschooling itself is a big challenge, let alone a single parent having to deal with her child besides her own problems.

Homeschooling is a legal option for parents in various countries. It allows them an opportunity to teach their children in a style that they prefer. Many parents believe public and private schools are not religious enough. And, in order to provide their children with a more God fearing environment, they prefer homeschooling.

Whatever the reasons might be, homeschooling is a full time job that requires a lot of energy and time. However, time and energy are the things single parents don’t have in abundance. Single parents either have full time jobs or they are studying. This means that for them to home school, they have to put an extra effort.

I have a few tips for single parents, who are planning to homeschool their children; through my tips I want to explain to you that though homeschooling might look very challenging, it is survivable.


Well, the thing about life is, many times we come across challenges that make us believe that we will not be able to achieve our goal. A true winner is one who, despite all factors, is able to come out of her problems.

You don’t have to be a Christian to believe in God. However, if you want to be successful, you have to believe that somehow or other you will find a way out.


It really helps if you know that there are others like you. Once you are part of a homeschooling group, you will be able to understand many of the problems that you are facing with your child. And you will find that when other single parents discuss their problems with you, you not only get rid of stress, but you will obviously be able to learn of a few solutions for some of them.


Whatever you do in life needs a plan to be achieved. If you want a job or start a business of your own, you need to formulate a plan to achieve your goal. A plan is basically a detailed schedule of what, how, and when you are to teach.

A pre-planned curriculum will help single moms to be able to divide their year into chapters that need to be covered. It will also help the mother know what she is to teach her child.


The eldest child is a role model for the rest of your children. The younger ones always look up to him for inspiration; besides, he is old enough to understand what pressure you are under, and what is expected of him. Therefore, if you want to start homeschooling, start with your eldest. If your eldest child is successful in homeschooling, the rest of your children would eagerly join and listen to you.


Often single homeschooling parents get too carried away with their job and homeschooling and everything. You must realize that you are after all a family. And, both the children and you need some family time, so you can relax.

Your children look forward to the family picnic or the summer camping trip you make every year. If you deny them these, they may lose interest in education.


Homeschooling is a wonderful experience. However, for single parents this can prove to be a tiring one. If you homeschool in a systematic manner, without losing your cool, you will be able to get much out of it. Just be positive and follow the above tips.

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The author of the guest post is Andrew Alpert. A professional freelance blogger, writing assignments guide for high education students.

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