6 Social Media Predictions for 2020

Happy 2020! It’s the start of a new year and a new decade. So, what changes are in store for social media over the next ten years? Mark Zuckerberg recently posted his social media predictions on Facebook.

As CEO of the world’s largest social network, Zuckerberg now wants to focus on building smaller communities while “re-emphasizing private interactions.” He also has an ambitious plan to “decentralize opportunity” by turning the company into an e-commerce platform that small businesses can use. In addition, he envisions “at some point in the 2020s, we will get breakthrough augmented reality glasses that will redefine our relationship with technology.”

Although social media will continue to be dynamic and unpredictable, if we observe the trends closely, we can predict what else is likely to happen in the near future. Here are our six social media predictions for 2020:

  1. Marketers will turn to TikTok. The mobile video platform TikTok has become extremely popular with young people, and that also makes it attractive to advertisers.
  2. Social listening in business will grow. More brands will actively reach out to the public on social media in an effort to improve products, provide better customer service, and attract new customers.
  3. Micro-influencers will gain more respect. Now that many big influencers are no longer considered trustworthy, consumers and marketers alike will pay closer attention to the ones that have a small community of engaged followers, as opposed to those perceived as celebrities.
  4. Live content will thrive. Younger audiences are using social media platforms for entertainment instead of just posting personal updates. Live streaming is a powerful way to deliver interactive content, and people tend to spend more time viewing live video than on-demand content.
  5. There will be less fake news. Numerous scandals and debates have resulted from social media platforms distributing misleading stories and information that’s simply not true. We predict that more regulations for publishers and advertisers will decrease the amount of fake news in the coming years.
  6. Social networks will be less harmful. Social media platforms have long been criticized for cultivating shallow values and negatively affecting users’ mental health. Features to fight bullying and social media addiction are now being tested to create a better environment for users.

All of these social media predictions are reflected in an infographic from the social media experts at Awario, which highlights what will happen in 2020 and why. Here it is:

Source: https://awario.com/blog/social-media-predictions-for-2020

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