$500 HireInfluence Scholarship

HireInfluence ScholarshipDo you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur / influencer?

Every entrepreneur, with organizations large or small, has the capacity to wield much influence on the world. After all, philanthropy is the real work of any great entrepreneur. Just look at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – the Microsoft founder shifted his priorities from software development to social impact.

At HireInfluence, an influencer marketing agency, our content marketing strategies help brands reach their target markets through authentic social media endorsement. We specialize in delivering trendsetting strategies and results to the world’s largest brands.

Exploring new avenues of communication and advertising has brought us to where we are today – serving companies such as Warner Bros, Gatorade, Microsoft, Adidas, eBay and more. We realize that different trends will emerge from tomorrow’s leaders and young entrepreneurs.

With that in mind, we believe in supporting passionate, hardworking, and talented college students, budding entrepreneurs, future leaders, and all students. One of the ways we show support is through our $500 Entrepreneur Scholarship.

HireInfluence aims to foster the skills necessary to help launch the aspirations and desired career path of up and coming business leaders and technical innovators. We would like to invite students to apply to our HireInfluence Scholarship. The amount of $500 is awarded towards college tuition/expenses.

When applying for the scholarship, you will answer questions such as:

  • What social platforms do you use on a regular basis?
  • Which social networks do you believe are the most resourceful and why?
  • What are your goals for the upcoming academic year?
  • Who do you plan to “be” at the end of your secondary education?
  • What’s your definition of an “influencer”?
  • How do you think marketing/advertising will evolve in the next 5-10 years?

Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Applicant must be within the ages of 18 to 25.
  • Applicant must be currently enrolled at an accredited high school, college or university in the United States or Canada by selection date or enrolled at an accredited high school, college or university in the United States or Canada during the time of submission.
  • Applicant must submit one submission per person.
  • Average GPA must be 2.0 or higher.


  • Scholarship submission due by May 31st.
  • Winning submission selected by June 30th.

Here is the link to apply: https://hireinfluence.com/scholarship

Scholarship winner(s) will be selected by the employees of HireInfluence.com.

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