5 Ways to Encourage your Homeschooled Teen to Develop Effective Study Habits

effective study habits

Homeschooling your child can be challenging but extremely rewarding. Every student learns at their own pace. Optimal learning conditions are different for everyone. Teaching a teenager can come with its own set of challenges. As these humans grow into young adults, they risk developing bad habits. Here are some tips to help your homeschool teen develop effective study habits in high school that will serve them well when they start college.

1. Create a Dedicated Study Area

A big challenge for many teenagers is staying focused on the task. There are so many distractions from electronics to pets. Your teen must have an area that is only for studying. You can set up as small or large a space as you want. Your teen should not have access to their electronic devices while in the area unless they are needed to study. It will be easier for your teen to study if they go to a part of your home where that is all they do.

You can get tips for setting your teen’s study space up in 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. Make sure they have an official desk to write on and complete assignments. You also want to make sure they have access to all materials and supplies they need in that space.

2. Promote Organization

The ability to stay organized is a crucial skill to develop for study and work. You can start by encouraging your teen’s physical organization of their materials and supplies. Set aside time at the beginning and end of each day to have your teen get the things they need for a successful day together, and then return them to the proper location when done. Organizing time will help get their brains in the correct frame to focus on the tasks.

Your teen should also be taught to organize their schedule. You can include a few minutes of planning time at the beginning of each day so your teen can manage their goals and tasks they need to accomplish during the day.

3. Encourage Note Taking

Teenagers often think they are invincible and able to keep track of everything. Even if your teen has a great memory, you should encourage them to take notes when subjects are taught. Taking notes provides two benefits. It creates a handwritten recollection for the notetaker. It also makes the material more concrete to the notetaker, and it is more likely they will remember what is being taught.

4. Utilize Available Resources

So many learning resources are available for students to help them master subjects. Online tutorials for various issues can aid learning of the material and help your teen remember the necessary information. Outside resources can also be practical, such as taking advantage of natural parks for history lessons. Science and math experiments can also be done outdoors with a few simple things. These hands-on experiences are beneficial for promoting mastery of subjects.

In addition to utilizing resources for your teen, you should teach them how to look for resources they may need to help them.

5. Practice Patience and Discipline

It would help if you encourage your teen to approach their studies with patience and discipline. They should take their time to ensure they understand each concept before moving on to the next. They should pause and seek assistance from available resources if additional help is needed.

In addition to patience, students should be taught to engage in disciplined learning. This means they should not try to learn an entire subject or complex unit in one sitting. They should review their notes from the day each evening. A study time each day should be set up to help your teen digest the new information they have taken in throughout the day. When any tests or assessments are taken, your teen should not have to cram information into their brain because they should already be comfortable with the concepts and information.

Your homeschooled teen can develop effective study habits with little effort and encouragement.

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