5 Tips to Improve Your Teaching Routine

By L.J. Robinson

Teaching certain subjects like math and science can be challenging as many students find it hard to engage in the material. Keeping things interesting so their attention remains focused on the lesson can seem like a nearly impossible task some days. However, there are ways, whether you are conducting a distance learning curriculum or through in person instruction, that you can spice up your regular teaching routine to keep your students engaged and keep things more enjoyable for everyone involved.

1. Change Up Your Routine

The first thing to keep in mind is to change up your routine. It’s difficult to keep students’ attention when day after day you transition from one core subject to the next with no surprises and no variation. Beat the boredom by switching things up. You could do an internet scavenger hunt or show a fun video instead of one of their regular classes. These can still be educational as well as entertaining, while providing student and teacher alike with a much needed break from routine to recharge their brains and keep them excited.

If you want to keep things interesting, then keep your students on their toes by adding some fun new activity to keep them wondering what will come next. For example, a daily nature walk will always offer something different to see. Gardening is another activity that brings life to learning, whether or not you have access to a large outdoor space. Watering the garden, checking for new plant growth, and monitoring changes in temperature and weather conditions, ensures that every day will be a little bit different.

2. Invest in a Subscription Box

Another good option to consider, especially for at-home learning, is a monthly subscription box service. Take a look at this MEL science review to see what others think of this new way of instruction. The MEL is a popular monthly kit that is tailored towards children between the ages of 9 and 14. This particular subscription box is focused on chemistry. The activities are hands-on and provide educational material in a fun new way that gives kids a unique way to learn. These activities do require a lot of parental help but can be enjoyed by both parents and students alike.

3. Take Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips are another great thing to include in your curriculum. You don’t have to go to a physical location to get the benefits of exploring new places. Many popular sites such as museums offer virtual tours where students can go through and access the different works that are available. These types of virtual trips can then be used to build upon later in the classroom to prompt some discussions and to base projects upon.

4. Conduct Interactive Lessons

Keep things interactive by getting away from multiple dull worksheets that students quickly lose interest in. This type of instruction is difficult to keep engaging and attention often wanders. If you include some interactive activities and games where the students are solving problems in real time, this can provide some variety to keep them more involved. These types of activities can be easily done online with a computer and can cover a number of subjects, from science to math to engineering.

5. Let Students Do the Teaching

Finally, another thing to consider is to put the students themselves in charge of the instruction. Instead of having the teacher give a lesson, come up with a project where the students are required to be the teachers. This helps them learn the material better since they need to understand it thoroughly in order to instruct others. This can be a fun way for them to see the other side of learning, and get some experience doing presentations or other projects that will be useful in the future.

There are many ways that you can keep learning fun for your students so they remain excited by learning, which makes it more enjoyable for you, too. Be sure to do something that will make each day different and stand out from your regular teaching routine. Just by changing it up a bit and trying new things, you are more easily able to keep students’ attention on the lesson at hand so they not only perform better but look forward to their lessons each day.

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