5 Tips for People Working at Home and Homeschooling

By Ashley Sanford

If women were paid for the “free” work they do, they’d probably earn a lot more than most men. Add that to the amount of stress their work requires. Doing laundry, picking up socks from every nook and cranny of the house, making everyone’s favorite lunch, and making sure the dog gets his biscuits on time, picking up the groceries, and whatnot! Top it all off with tiny toddlers running around, homeschooling, and possibly another home job of your own. Even thinking about it all makes me want to sit back and give a large sigh. Staying sane with so much on your plate is no easy task. Believe me, I know. You can have all your calendars and sticky notes (and boy, you’ll need them!), but if you’re not dedicated enough, you will go from being sane — to insane. So, here a few tips for the women who are desperate to keep their sanity, while still being able to juggle so many balls at once and not dropping a single one.

1. Know When To Say “No”

I find that many homeschooling moms, even with so much to do, still aspire to do more. They try so hard to make everyone happy. First of all, it’s is impossible to “make everyone happy.” Set your priorities straight and learn when to say no. You might want to learn some Italian, visit a new place, and remain “social.” Give yourself a break! You’re a human being not a machine. Learn to say no to the unimportant tasks on your to-do list. Tell them you’re too tired, tell them it won’t fit your schedule, or tell them you already have enough writing jobs. When you have to, just say no!

2. Stick to a Schedule

Now, I know this is easier said than done, especially with unruly kids in the house. However, even kids don’t mind following a predictable schedule if you make it, practice it, and fix it. Follow your own schedule and have them follow their own. A predictable routine makes life much easier for everyone because it’s a foreseeable, calculable, and an agreed upon solution.

3. Ask for Help

They say two heads are better than one and in this situation, this couldn’t be truer. If you have a husband who can lend a helping hand, don’t be afraid to ask. Afterall, the house and the children are just as much of a responsibility for him as they are for you. A teen, grandparent, or friend could help you with the kids while you’re busy with your home job. If your children are old enough, it would help to teach them a few chores they should be doing on their own (cleaning the room, doing the dishes). You can also ask the older children to be the “teacher’s assistant” and help with the schooling of younger children.

4. Don’t Cut Back on “Me Time”

It may seem like too much to ask, but without a little “me time” to give you a boost, it won’t take too long before you are just too tired of it all. To keep yourself sane, you need to give yourself some time as well. Fit in a break in your schedule. Exercise, meditate, dress-up, read, pray, socialize, or anything that rejuvenates you. Going for a jog is also a great way to revive and get some fresh air and let your skin soak in some of that vitamin D.

5. Go Out in the World

You may want to go outside of your house to work for a while. Try heading to the library, a coffee shop, or to the park, if working there won’t be a distraction to you. Sometimes just changing your perspective or having other people around can help you get more done, especially if they’re working too. Take your children along with you and give them a dose of the outside world. While you’re at it, take some time off to play with the kids. It will remind you that you have a life outside of work, it will clear your head, and give your eyes a break from staring at a computer screen.

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