5 Popular Careers to Educate Your Homeschooled Teen On

popular careers

As your homeschooled teen gets closer to graduation, you might be wondering how you can help them find the career of their choosing that would be best for them. Depending on how much college they want to go through, there are a variety of popular careers they can choose from. 

Work with them to talk about how much they want to make, what they enjoy doing, and what kind of career they can see themselves pursuing. This can help them make the best decision for their future. 

1. Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists are crucial since they help dentists with their patients, including cleaning teeth, taking x-rays, and showing patients how to take care of their teeth and gums. They also assist dentists in different procedures when necessary. Working as a dental hygienist does not require as much schooling as a dentist would, and there is a faster-than-average growth rate

If your teenager thinks they would enjoy helping others in a medical setting but doesn’t want to work as a doctor, a dental hygienist position could be a good choice for them. 

2. Pet Groomer

Working with animals is a passion for many people. Your teenager might love dogs and cats, but be hesitant on working in a veterinary clinic. It is possible to still help and work with animals without going to veterinarian school. Groomers can work for a company or they can start their own business and set their own hours. Many work typical Monday-Friday business hours. 

There are special apprenticeship programs for groomers that allow them to work on different types of animals and understand the care and grooming of different breeds. If your teenager ever gets tired of grooming, they could always move on to other careers that relate to animal care, too, with their previous training as a stepping-stone. 

3. Scrum Master

A scrum master is a sort of project manager who works within the Agile Scrum framework. You don’t need to have technical skills to be a scrum master but you do need good communication, negotiation, and servant leadership skills. The main job of the scrum master is to coordinate a cross-functional team and facilitate meetings between different parties within a company where the Agile framework is being used.

If your teenager has an interest in business and wants to work in IT without necessary coding or doing other things that are technical, this might be an option for them. The scrum master is a lucrative position that can be capable of earning six figures and there is potential for growth into other, higher-paid positions. 

4. Physician’s Assistant

A physician’s assistant is also sometimes described as an assistant doctor, working in a similar capacity, and normally earning a master’s degree in order to practice. The assistant usually works under a physician and has the ability to earn six figures without necessarily needing all the same qualifications a physician or surgeon would require. This could be a good career choice if your teenager is concerned about taking on a lot of debt but still would like to work in a medical setting and help people. 

It’s important to know that a physician’s assistant will still dress much like a doctor, such as wearing scrub jackets women or similar types of attire, so make sure they understand that the job entails many of the same requirements. 

5. Paramedic 

Maybe your teenager would like to work as a first responder and help people in emergency situations. Paramedics are often first on a scene and help people in domestic situations, car crashes, and other types of accidents. Paramedics get paid more than an EMT, so it is worth considering this position if your teen thinks they would like this type of career.

There are many popular careers your teenager can choose from, regardless of their schooling. Take time to talk with them and help them decide what would be a good fit to meet their needs, personality, and interests.

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