5 Effective Ways to Get Support for a Homeschool Network

By Ellen Charles

Homeschooling has become very prevalent these days as many parents prefer to educate their children at the comfort of their own home rather than sending them out to traditional government or private schools. Though there are lots of advantages to this alternative method of teaching, one must keep in mind that it also brings a huge burden of responsibilities over the shoulders of parents who now have the future of their children in their own hands and they must be ready to fulfill their responsibilities. It is also imperative for them to get support from other homeschoolers by joining groups, communities or co-ops. Below you can read about 5 effective ways of getting information as well as support needed to improve education and training of students in the home environment.

1. Support Groups

Many families prefer to join exclusive support groups to get a sense of encouragement that they are not alone. They meet on regular basis to let them get inspired and motivated and when they have social interaction, they find it as a great support. Most of the groups are set up as informal ones because it allows them to have bigger space to mingle with each other. General homeschool groups open their membership for all types of families who are striving to educate children at their own home regardless of specific curriculum or religious beliefs.

2. Community Groups

Many organizations and businesses also hold regular classes and other activities for the children to let them have better learning opportunities. Libraries, museums, community centers, museums, athletic facilities, or other companies might have specific programs for your children but you need to check them out locally as going far from your location may not be appropriate for you and your kids.

3. Message Boards

Message boards, also known as forums, are very important places from where you can get support while there is no need to leave your house as these are setup in form of online forums and have proven to be really great source of encouragement, motivation and information. Forums basically focus on exclusive teaching methods and techniques and most of them are open for all types of homeschoolers.

4. Cooperatives

In homeschooling cooperatives which are commonly known as co-ops, different families come together to join hands and work together to teach and educate each others’ children. Courses offered by co-ops can be followed by parents or tutors. If you prefer to join a co-op, don’t forget to make sure that you clearly recognize the commitment level for the parents as well as students.

5. Conventions

Conventions are also considered to be really good places where homeschoolers can meet each other. Different events are held that feature workshops for delivering very useful info on curriculum as well as techniques. Some conventions also have curricular fairs where the attendees are given informative materials for carrying better homeschooling. If you would like to be part of a convention, you must know the rules to follow as different convention centers may have different rules.


Homeschooling is not really easy but it can be made easier with the help of support groups, communities, forums, co-ops and conventions. Therefore, if you are striving to educate your children at your home, you had better get extensive support from all available resources to better the future of your children.

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