5 Easiest Memorizing Solutions for You

5msfyBy Alifia Afflatus Zahra

As a student, you may realize you have an abundance of lessons which need a good memorizing capability. History, cultural study, sometimes literature, even science and mathematic formulas – memorizing is urgent in those lessons. But the fact we cannot rid ourselves of is, some of you probably have a memorizing problem.

Each person has his own strength in learning. One group consists of people who have really sharp memorizing skills, but the other? No, their skills are better in thinking with logic, not understanding and memorizing. So that memorizing will be sorely laborious for them.

Anyway, it seems impossible to give up and leave the memorizing problem without solving it, because memorizing is crucial in particular aspects. If you don’t memorize, perhaps you cannot retell and narrate things you have learnt; you also cannot work for your examination and such things like that. In daily life, memorizing is indispensable too. In short, it is hard to decide whether by living without memorizing, someone’s life will be totally okay.

But don`t worry, guys. If you are not included in those who are good at memorizing, I have five tips to overcome your problem. Not difficult, because I picked the easiest, and not much. So below here are “5 Easiest Memorizing Solutions for You” to apply in your home school life. Enjoy!

1) Set your mind on the fact that your purpose in learning is to understand the whole or many of the lesson contents. So instead of memorizing every single sentence of the lesson, you’re better understanding it little by little, trying to connect it with things occurred in your daily life, or applying them in your daily life.

2) Do you have specific interest? LEGO? Girls character? Any movie character? Or other stuff? Make a work which connects what you memorize with your favorite things. You can be creative and free here. For example: making a science/history (or anything you like) fan fiction, comic, movie, or decoration you can stick up on your wall so that it increases the possibility you will notice them frequently and strengthen your memory.

3) Make a plan – doesn’t have to be too long – thirty minutes until less than two hours are adequate – to re-memorize the lessons where your memory was not too strong.

4) Do you like hanging out? Or if not, you must have some times to socialize, even if just with your family member. Try to add the lessons you memorize inside your topic. Doesn’t have to be serious. Only to make you become interested in it, and obviously, to strengthen your memory.

5) This is the last one. Many teenagers like music. Most of them – even without any talent in song writing – can make interesting songs. So creating a song about the lesson is recommended. You may take another song’s music, or arrange your own music, and then make the lyrics for your song which is taken from the content of your lessons. For example, a song about world war, some traditional tribe, science invention, and more. How fun!

So here are those “5 Easiest Memorizing Solutions for You.” I really expect my tips will be worthwhile for you. Good luck Homeschooling Teen Readers!

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About the Author: Alifia Afflatus is a 13-year-old homeschooler (9th grader) from Semarang, Indonesia. She enjoys writing about homeschool and education, children, teens, history, nature, travel, politics, religion and society. She blogs at www.hs-po.blogspot.com and is a monthly contributor to the Indonesian homeschool site www.aprinesia.com.

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