4 of My Favorite Educational Picks on Netflix

Educational Picks on NetflixBy: Alexandria Martinez

I tried something new this month. I reviewed some Netflix titles! These are some of my favorite educational picks on Netflix to watch.

Please Note: These shows are to be viewed by a mature teenage audience. Please pay attention to the ratings. These shows are recommended only for their educational purposes. By any chance, if you do not feel comfortable with any scenes in these educational picks on Netflix, it is your choice to continue to watch.

Netflix Original Docu-series: Pandemic: How To Prevent An Outbreak

Rating: TV-14

Number of Episodes: 6; 1 season

Duration time: approx. 248 minutes

My Thoughts:

I think this docu-series was well worth the time. It was very engaging and helped me to understand the importance of many things that were discussed in this series. I learned about a lot of new things such as biotechnology,  and the importance of a flu shot. Another thing I learned is how people with a compromised immune system, as well as, women who are pregnant are at a high risk of infection. Which may result in death, considering the severity. As I watched these Docu-series I realized how other countries, besides America really suffer during outbreaks of the flu and how they don’t have the resources as we do in America.

Docu-series: Living Undocumented

Rating: TV-MA

Number of Episodes: 6; 1 season

Duration time: approx. 254 minutes

My Thoughts:

This docu-series shows the story of eight different struggling families, some who have been torn apart due to the U.S immigration system. The Immigration Movement is an international movement of people who are not legal U.S. citizens and have come here illegally. As they try for a better life, some are being sent back to their countries due to the U.S. immigration system. This Docu-series is very eye-opening. It is heartbreaking to follow along with these people’s stories as we see their families being broken apart.

Docu-series: Broken

Rating: TV-14

Number of Episodes 4; 1 season

Duration time: approx. 239 minutes

My Thoughts:

This docu-series pretty much sums up the dangers and consequences of buying counterfeit and faulty products such as fake makeup and faulty furniture. It talks about how sellers of unauthorized products can pay for fake reviews to make the product seem better than it is. It is important we realize these things and be informed about them. It faces real-world problems and how they impact our world. Watching this Docu-series is a good experience and it is very well worth the time.

Documentary: The Creative Brain

Rating: TV-14

Duration time: approx. 52 minutes

My Thoughts:

This documentary is about exploring and discovering your passion. Neuroscientist David Eagleman speaks about the Creative Process as he encourages you to be more creative. He explores the creative process of selected innovators while pursuing risky ways to ignite creativity. I enjoyed watching this Documentary as I found it motivating and encouraging. It is well worth the watch.

Netflix Links:

  1. Pandemic: How To Prevent An Outbreak
  2. Living Undocumented
  3. Broken
  4. The Creative Brain

What are YOUR favorite educational picks on Netflix? Let me know in the comment section below!

BIO: My name is Alexandria and I am a homeschooled teen from Oklahoma (Tornado Alley). I have been homeschooled for the past seven years. I spend my days playing basketball, reading, writing and studying psychology, as well as, true crime. I am the oldest of four kids and I have three preposterous but loveable younger brothers. I plan to graduate college and pursue a career in a field that involves both computer science and criminal justice. One of my favorite quotes; “One of the deep secrets in life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.” – Lewis Carroll

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