3 Hot New Games from Storyastic

A Special Offer from Storyastic Co-Founders Dana & Chip Brown…

After THE RANK GAME‘s huge success being named as a Favorite Pick back at Toy Fair NY, many people have asked us for more games.

Big news! Our three brand new games launch on July 10th, and you can get these $30 games FOR ONLY $10!

All three games have all play tested very well, and have fun, exciting gameplay with lead-changes and come-from-behind victories. They’re great for families and friend groups of all ages. The new games are:

  • DRAUL– The swift-swapping, flip-flopping, wild-wagering card game
  • Betcha Switchup– The thrilling, exhilarating game of ever-changing wild cards
  • Swipe Swap Swindle – The fast-dealing, free-wheeling game of stealing and concealing

They’re super-high quality with nice, linen-finish playing cards and bright-colored hardwood components, so they cost quite a lot to manufacture, but we’re doing this exciting Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign with this special pricing where the games are only $10 on July 10th, then $11 on July 11th, then $12 on July 12th, etc.

The price goes up $1 a day until July 30th when they reach their full price of $30, so you’ll want to buy early to get the biggest savings!

If you want to be sure to get the deal before our inventory runs out (and the price goes up!), just click this link to our Kickstarter “preview” page now and click the green “NOTIFY ME” button. That will make sure you get a heads up as soon as the deal goes live on Saturday.

(If you’ve never bought through Kickstarter, you can visit our page at this link for our easy instructions to set up an account in 30 seconds.)

Hope to see you join in the fun on Saturday, July 10th!

Dana & Chip Brown
Storyastic Co-Founders

P.S. Summer is the ideal time to play THE RANK GAME and for families to give this new game a try!
…any evening you have your family together
…on a road trip
…standing in a long line at Disney World …or Walmart, for that matter!

Click here to buy THE RANK GAME and get 20% off if you use code HomeschoolingTeen at checkout!*

*As an affiliate, Homeschooling Teen will earn a commission on qualifying purchases.

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