12 Signs You May Have An Anxiety Disorder [Infographic]

Anxiety is something that is experienced by everyone at some point in life. It’s normal to feel anxious at times. However, anxiety becomes a disorder when it starts affecting your grades, your health, your relationships, the ability to do your job, the capacity to make decisions, or the quality of your life. The more symptoms you have, the more severe is your anxiety. Understanding what causes chronic anxiety is a key component to the successful treatment of anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders are mainly psychological and not caused by a genetic predisposition, a chemical imbalance, or a biological problem with the brain. The underlying factors of anxiety are certain thought patterns and behaviors. While there are many so-called “miracle cures” and “quick fix remedies” to resolve anxiety, none of them provide lasting results. Moreover, anti-anxiety medications lead to physiological and psychological dependence, which can end in addiction and do more harm than good.

The most effective way to overcome problematic anxiety is to find the root cause. Determining what triggers your anxiety is the first step toward treating it. Properly addressing the issue requires getting the right information and advice, with the help and support of a professional anxiety coach/counselor/therapist. You will have to consciously work at it if you want to successfully conquer the problem. Only then will the condition and its symptoms naturally subside.

Here are 12 indications that you have an anxiety disorder:

  1. Lack of Sleep
  2. Worrying Too Much About Trivial Issues
  3. Experiencing Some Form of Muscle Tension Routinely
  4. Poor Gut Health
  5. Lack of Confidence in Social Interactions
  6. Inability to Shed Inhibitions
  7. Frequent Panic Attacks
  8. Repeatedly Going Back To the Past or Self Pity
  9. Excessive Fear of the Unknown
  10. Obsessed With Getting Things Done Right
  11. Doubt about Ability of Self or Diffidence
  12. Clinically Proven Compulsive Disorders

Learn more in the infographic below:

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