12 Christmas STEM Activities for Teens

Looking for fun and educational things to do during the holiday break? You know the 12 Days of Christmas? Well, here are 12 awesome Christmas STEM activities!

1. Candy Cane Color Spread


This Christmas chemistry experiment, although simple to set up, makes for a marvelous project. Simply arrange red and white candy cane sweets in a circular formation on a plate. Pour just enough warm water into the plate so that it covers the sweets and wait for the magic to begin! The result is a mesmerizing diffusive action. Learn more: Team Cartwright

2. Snowy Salt Christmas Tree


This activity provides an opportunity to explore the concept of salt crystallization while creating a unique Christmas ornament. Mix hot water and salt together before pouring over a cardstock cutout placed in a container. Leave your science experiment undisturbed for a few days and once the water has completely evaporated you will be left with a snowy-looking salt tree. Learn more: Go Science Kids

3. Crystal Ornament


This STEM project uses simple materials to create striking ornaments. Begin by folding a pipe cleaner into the shape of a flower. Place the flower into a plate filled with strong salt water. As the water evaporates, the salt crystalizes and leaves you with gorgeous decorations. Learn more: iGame Mom

4. Crystal Candy Cane


Another awesome crystallization activity is this crystal candy cane grown in a jar. All you need to bring yours to life is a pipe cleaner, salt, water, a piece of ribbon, craft sticks and a mason jar. Learn more: Kiwi Co.

5. Engineer An Ice Lantern


We love homemade ornaments – especially when they’re eco-friendly! Place a weighted cup in the middle of a bowl before pouring water around the cup. Throw in a few berries, petals, herbs, or leaves before popping them in the freezer. Once frozen, remove the structure from the bowl, add a candle into the hole and you’ll have a striking candle holder to light up an outside path! Learn more: Green Kid Crafts

6. Elf Zip Line


By combining a tissue box, toilet roll, plastic straws, and pipe cleaners using tape, you can engineer a zip line. Place an elf inside the tissue box and slide your contraption along a yarn zip line. Learn more: There’s Just One Mommy

7. Snowball Shooter Catapult Activity


This snowball shooter is a fun activity to help fill up the festive holiday. All you will need to recreate this snowball shooter is a plastic fork, rubber bands, craft sticks, and mini marshmallows. Learn more: Team Cartwright

8. Festive Fizzy Ornament


These abstract wonders make the most spectacular decorations. Drop acrylic paint into a clear bauble or globe and then add dish soap, baking soda, and a generous amount of vinegar. A carbonic reaction will occur and the solution will begin to fizz. Once the fizzing has ceased, simply dump out the liquid and close up the bauble or globe. Learn more: Kiwi Co.

9. Draw A Christmas Tree Based On An Algorithm 


This activity is a great introduction to the world of coding and robotics. By following basic instructions, you and your classmates should be able to create an image of a Christmas tree that closely resembles everyone else’s. Learn more: JDaniel4’s Mom

10. Flying Tinsel Experiment

This tinsel experiment requires the use of light tinsel and a balloon. Inflate the balloon and rub it against an object to create a static charge before placing it on the ground. Drop the tinsel onto the balloon and stand back to watch as it’s propelled away from the balloon and up into the air. Learn more: STEM Learning

11. Santa’s Christmas Coal with Science Experiment

Santa’s Christmas Coal with Science Experiment comes with a large lump of genuine anthracite coal in a premium cotton bag. A card with a link is included for an experiment to grow snowflakes on your coal. (Note: There are some additional required ingredients for the experiment that are not included.) Learn more: Amazon

12. 3D Santa’s Workshop Puzzle

This intricate 3D puzzle is a fun take on Santa’s workshop and is actually a marble maze in disguise! This is a craft that will occupy teens for hours and also makes a beautiful ornament to display when not in use. Learn more: Amazon

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