12 Best Historic Destinations in the USA

By Ruby

Some of the reasons why people tour other countries are to see beautiful and iconic sites, experience different cultures, and of course learn a little foreign history. USA may not be that old but it definitely has some amazing historic sites and destinations that make America one of the most toured countries in the world.

Here is a list of the 12 best historic destinations in the USA:

New York City, NY

New York became the financial capital that it is now because it survived the British and Dutch takeover. There are landmarks all over New York signifying this, and one can read the history at the tenement museum and Ellis Island.

Boston, MA

Boston’s history is more affiliated with education. It’s where modern public schools started and of course Harvard University. The American Revolution started here and it’s also where most of the founding fathers are buried. Visit the Freedom Trail, Boston Library, and Faneuil Hall.

Washington, DC

This political center was burned down during the War of 1812 and rebuilt again. It’s full of historic monuments such as the National Mall, Lincoln Memorial, U.S. Capitol building, and of course the White House.

Philadelphia, PA

This beautiful city is literally the foundation of America. All important documents were signed there. Most buildings in Philadelphia are old like the Independence Hall where Benjamin Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence. See the Liberty Bell and other historic features.

San Francisco, CA

This maritime town still has cable cars from a very long time ago leading to the cable car museum. Visit Mission Dolores and Chinatown to learn more about who colonized San Francisco. Some great historic views include the Golden Gate Bridge and the Mission District.

New Orleans, LA

As a city that went through four colonial bodies, this town is rich in history. They are all evident in their annual exuberant festivities like Mardi Gras which covers Zydeco (Creole) and Cajun music events.

Honolulu, HI

Besides the vast waters and sea food, this Hawaiian beach on the island of O’ahu is home to the Pearl Harbor that was originally famous for its pearls. The USS Arizona Memorial and Bishop Museum offer more history about this place.

Savannah, GA

History is buried in this town literally. Most of the legendary resting homes are found here. It’s also one of the very few places in the south that were not destroyed during the Civil War so everything here is original.

Williamsburg, VA

This happens to be one town that still has the oldest buildings in the world. The museum and the taverns are something to awe at even after the refurbishments.

Charleston, SC

Much of Charleston’s architecture has been preserved since the Civil War. It’s amazing how the gap between the wealthy and the slaves is still evident. Some of the views include Fort Sumter and the city itself.

Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe is home to the famous St. Francis Cathedral and The Palace of the Governors. More history is available inside the many galleries and the Georgia O’Keefe Museum.

San Antonio, TX

This is a historic site that tells all about Texas heritage and how people died fighting for independence. The National Historic Park here, with its four Spanish frontier missions, is also something to remember.

With so many historic locations across the USA, there is bound to be one near you!

Author Bio: Ruby Andrew, a guest writer and blogger by profession lives in Bristol, UK. Since for a long time, she has a passion for writing and she could write on any topic. Her areas of interest includes travel, health, fitness, automobile, fashion, technology and wedding. At present, she works as a guest blogger on behalf of Australian visas.

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