10 Reasons Why You Should Play Pickleball

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By Lewis

Some sports require a large team to play, such as baseball or football. Others require a large space, such as golf, or certain environmental features, like good waves for surfing. Pickleball is a fun sport that doesn’t adhere to these special conditions. It can be played indoors or outdoors, and is easy to learn. In fact, this quirky game – a cross between tennis, badminton, and ping-pong – is one of America’s fastest-growing sports. Here are some reasons why you should get out of your gaming chair to play this engaging and energizing sport!

  1. Helps Coordination

Pickleball is played with a ball and paddle and uses hand-eye coordination to be successful. Equipment found at oneshot pickleball displays the variety of colors, weights, and materials in which paddles come. As you play more pickleball, your coordination will increase and your ability to focus on the ball will get better. Increased coordination leads to greater concentration, which is good for your mind as well as your body.

  1. Builds Muscle

The game of pickleball requires you to be constantly in a state of readiness so that when the ball comes your way, you are prepared to return it. Your muscles are continually engaged and flexing which builds their strength. The quick actions and spurts of energy that reacting to the ball create help your cardiovascular system. These can be very beneficial for your blood pressure, as well. Any time you are exercising, you are strengthing your body and even if you only play one 11-point game, you are sure to get in a good workout.

  1. Increases Reflexes

When you first learn pickleball, the reflexes involved with returning the ball may seem a little foreign, unless you are a tennis player, too. As you keep practicing and get better at the sport, you will not have to think about not stepping into the non-volley zone as much because it will become second nature. Just the same, your reflexes for hitting the ball with your paddle will respond faster and stronger without thinking about it. As with any sport, there is a learning curve at the beginning when you are understanding the rules and how to apply them. As you master them, your reflexes get better, your stamina builds and you enjoy the sport even more.

  1. Promotes Social Interaction

You cannot play pickleball by yourself so it is a social sport by design. At the very least, you are interacting with one other person, your opponent, if you play singles. Playing doubles is very common, which means you are being social with at least three other people. If you play in a club, there could be lots of other teams you match up against. Since you all have this passion in common, you have an obvious topic of conversation and there is no need for awkward social moments. Many new friendships can be nurtured in a fun environment of healthy competition.

  1. Stimulates Mental Health

Succeeding at a sport builds confidence which stimulates mental health. If you are good at something, no matter what sport that is, you will feel better about yourself and your happiness will increase. There are numerous studies connecting exercise, which playing pickleball is, and mental health. Being active is good for the mind and body, as well as the social life. The human connections you make playing pickleball stimulate emotional well-being and also add to your mental health.

  1. Releases Stress

If you have a stressful day at work, then going to the court for a wonderful game of pickleball will give you an outlet for releasing stress and anxiety. Exercise is a great stress reducer and naturally works the negative effects of stress out of your body. You can concentrate on keeping score and get your mind off of other topics that increase your anxiety. The physicalness of the sport and the mental engagement of focusing on the ball releases your mind from worry and works the stress out of your muscles.

  1. Boosts Hydration

Actively participating in pickleball calls for constant fluid intake so you do not become dehydrated. Whether or not you regularly drink water before you learned this sport, you should get into the practice of consuming water or other types of healthy fluids, especially on the days you play. Hydration is not just drinking water after you play, but making sure you hydrate before the game begins, taking sips during breaks and replenishing your body afterward. The benefits of boosting your hydration are not just felt on pickleball days, but every day because the added fluid generates stabilizing health throughout your body. Plus, you build the habit of drinking more, which is a great habit to have.

  1. Supports Sleep Patterns

Having a healthy sleep pattern is a key part of the foundation of good health. If you do not sleep well, then exhaustion builds and you cannot function at your best. Playing pickleball regularly will wear you out, make you naturally tired and help you fall asleep for a good night’s rest. Don’t hold back on the court and give it all of your energy, knowing that you will be doing your body a favor by sapping your strength. Rest brings recuperation time and the chance for your body to heal and release tension.

  1. Develops Community

Playing pickleball doesn’t just tap you into a group of people who like to grab their equipment and hit the courts. It welcomes you into a community of passionate athletes who care about good sportsmanship, amazing tournaments and respectful relationships. This is a well-established sport in our country that has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity. Playing pickleball develops community in your city, state and region. You can interact with people all over the country who love this sport and will share their experience and knowledge with you. This creates a bond that further encourages you to play this sport.

  1. Requires Small Investment

There are so many sports that take a small fortune to get started. Pickleball requires very little equipment so there is a relatively minor investment involved with playing this sport. This makes it very accessible for anyone to enjoy. Courts can be inside or outside, although outside courts are more common, so weather doesn’t always have to be a factor. Quality shoes are important to have for playing pickleball, but if you look for sales, then you can find a deal. As your interest in pickleball grows, you may want to invest in multiple paddles. You can spend as much or as little as you want because spending large amounts is not necessary. People who are into cycling can easily spend $1000 on a good bike and a nice paddle doesn’t even come close to that.

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The reasons to play pickleball vary from strengthening your body to expanding your social life. You will feel better about yourself as you increase your skills, release stress and build healthy habits. Learning something new is beneficial to your mind and keeps your brain challenged. So the next time you have a minute to scroll social media, search for a local pickleball group instead. You may find a wonderful community in your city that can nurture your interest in this sport. The commitment and investment you put into this fun sport will benefit your body and mind from your very first game and for many games to come.

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