God’s Goodness for the Chosen: Bible Study Review & Giveaway!

The Chosen Bible Study Series

Available in paperback and on Kindle, The Chosen Bible Study Series is one of the bestselling Bible studies in the past few years! The fourth book is now available!


God’s Goodness for the Chosen is an eight-lesson Bible study for individuals or groups that follows each episode in Season 4 of The Chosen.

This study teaches readers how to reframe their hardships and see them as fertile soil for God’s goodness to grow in their lives.

We see it over and over again in the Bible: God brings good things out of bad things for the sake of His people and for His glory. But truth be told, when we personally experience suffering, we have a difficult time actually believing it. Yet, life is challenging even for the followers of Jesus, and hardship in the twenty-first century is no exception.

God’s Goodness for the Chosen takes readers through eight lessons which reveal how God uses suffering to bring about good things in the lives of those He loves. In this guide, you’ll see:

  • Death is eclipsed by life
  • Grief is eclipsed by praise
  • Questions are eclipsed by resolve
  • Confusion is eclipsed by grace
  • Temporary things are eclipsed by eternal things
  • Heartbreak is eclipsed by love
  • Sin is eclipsed by obedience
  • Pain is eclipsed by the fullness of God’s plan

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God’s Goodness for the Chosen: An Interactive Bible Study is the official companion guide to Season 4 of The Chosen, the popular television series about the life of Jesus. This book is helpful to better understand both The Chosen AND the Bible. By calling it interactive, I think the authors simply mean that everything works together and one thing affects another – you watch the TV series, study the corresponding chapter in the guide, read the Bible, and then apply what you’ve learned to your life.

The Chosen is historical fiction. By that I mean, it takes actual history from the Bible and adds material. For example, the Bible says that Jesus raised someone from the dead and after that he says “Don’t be afraid.” How did that scene play out on the day it occurred? How did the people react? Why did Jesus feel the need to say “Don’t be afraid”? The Chosen attempts to show one way it might have happened. This is a good way to try and imagine what was going on.

You must be well-grounded in the Bible to know what it says and what embellishments are added in The Chosen. The study guide elaborates on what’s going on in the series and ties the episodes to scripture. It includes line-by-line transcript excerpts from the show, Bible verses, sample prayers, and questions for you to answer. All of these help you relate the events from each episode to the Bible teachings that apply to your own life. Moreover, the “For Bible Nerds Like Us” sidebar feature provides scriptural insights for those who want to dig deeper.

God’s Goodness for the Chosen is a great resource to use with your family or small group as you watch Season 4 of The Chosen, or you can use this as an individual study resource. The study guide will help you take notes about what the Bible teaches and improve your understanding of what you can learn from the context of The Chosen. I recommend watching The Chosen first, as it is an entertaining story. Then watch it again, taking notes with the help of this study guide.

There are four study guides available in The Chosen Bible Study Series, one for each season of The Chosen. Available in paperback and on Kindle!

The Chosen Season 4 streaming dates are up in the air, but it will be back in theaters ahead of Easter! Episodes 1 to 3 will be available on Maundy Thursday, which is March 28. Episodes 4 to 6 will be in theaters on Good Friday, March 29. Episodes 7 and 8 will be shown on Holy Saturday, March 30.

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How would you use God’s Goodness for The Chosen? As a personal Bible study, with your family, or in a small group?

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