God’s Country Song: Faith, Family, Fatherhood (Movie Review & Giveaway)


Just in time for Father’s Day, Pure Flix is releasing a movie that tells a touching story about pursuing dreams, taking responsibility, and learning what it means to be a father. GOD’S COUNTRY SONG will stream exclusively on Pure Flix starting June 16th. You won’t want to miss this brand new Pure Flix Original film!


  • Justin Gaston
  • Mariel Hemingway
  • John Laughlin
  • Christopher Michael
  • Justene Alpert
  • JJ Miller
  • Coffey Anderson


  • Fatherhood
  • Value of family
  • Being responsible
  • Second chances
  • Making sacrifices
  • Humbling yourself
  • Repairing relationships
  • Dreams vs reality


Noah Bryan wants nothing more than to be the next big country star. Living life in the fast lane, he’s focused on music and fame. Playing the little honky-tonks and cowboy bars finally starts to pay off and Noah’s career gains momentum. With the help of his seasoned manager Larry Walker, Noah is quickly rising to the top… until his past catches up with him.

Noah gets a letter from a lawyer asking him to take a paternity test. He thinks it’s crazy and refuses to do it at first, but he eventually gives in. Soon, Noah receives the news that he has a four-year-old son named JJ with a woman he barely remembers. She recently passed away, leaving Noah with sole custody of the child.

Larry, Noah’s manager, wishes Noah would take things more seriously. He gives the angry, prideful young man some advice:

“Being a dad is a huge responsibility but it’s worth every minute of it.”

JJ is in the care of Leeann, a child services worker who cares deeply for JJ. Believing his career is over, Noah reluctantly agrees to meet the boy. As soon as he meets him, he decides to do the right thing and step up to raise JJ. But he realizes he’ll need help from his parents, Sara and Jeremiah. He takes JJ home with him, back to the farm life he ran away from.

While there, Noah learns why his father is so set against him chasing selfish dreams. Leeann comes to see Noah at a show and she helps him realize it’s no longer just about himself, it’s about protecting and supporting JJ.

Leeann makes some follow-up visits to check on JJ, and she and Noah grow close.


GOD’S COUNTRY SONG is a powerful story of fatherly love filled with faith and music. It’s a heartfelt movie about what it means to be a father and to place your family before yourself. Noah has always resented his father for not supporting his dreams of fame and fortune, but when he learns how his father gave up his own ambitions to serve God and family, he learns a valuable lesson.

I must admit, though, the first five minutes of the movie turned me off. Set in a honky-tonk bar serving beer and live country music, I was wondering what kind of Pure Flix movie is this? It looked like Noah popped open a can of beer after the concert but it was actually a Blu Energy Drink, so that redeemed it a bit in my eyes. Then when they set out on the road he specifically asked for a non-alcoholic drink at the convenience store.

However, later on in the movie we find out Noah has a drinking problem that he’s trying to keep under control. There was a tragedy in his life that he doesn’t like to talk about, but which seems to have contributed to his drinking problem.

Noah is offered an opportunity to tour with a big country star, Colt Young. The caveat is that Colt’s record label requires there be no drinking or alcohol on the tour. Colt is a Christian singer who doesn’t drink and doesn’t allow drinking on his tour.

Noah agrees, but soon after that he ends up at Smoke & Barrel Tavern where he embarrasses himself in public because he drinks too much and gets in a fight with a heckler. Ouch, that can’t be good for his career!

Yep, he just got the biggest break of his life and he threw it right out the window. After the bar brawl, Noah is kicked off Colt Young’s tour.

Sometimes it takes a downfall to get you to reach out to God and turn your life around.

Noah goes back to the farm and his mom says, “I didn’t raise you in a good Christian home to go out drinkin’ and startin’ fights.” She makes him go to church.

Noah and his father aren’t on the best of terms. Noah’s dad is a strict religious man who doesn’t want that poison in his home. Nor does dad approve of his son going off playing music, and he has never come to see any of Noah’s shows. Noah discovers more about his father’s past and realizes why he wanted him to stay and work on the family farm.

We don’t really learn anything about JJ’s mom, where she was living for the last four years, or what happened to her. The focus is on Noah, the dad, who up until now didn’t even know he had a son. The best thing about this movie is that he took responsibility for his son.

The little boy is adorable! He says typical boy things at the most inopportune moment: “I gotta poop.” “I gotta go pee.” He loves grilled cheese sandwiches, which Noah didn’t even know how to make.

GOD’S COUNTRY SONG was filmed in and around Fayetteville and Bentonville, Arkansas. This movie contains all the typical down-home elements: drinking, shooting, fishing, a bar fight, a farm, and of course country music – featuring 15 original new songs!


GOD’S COUNTRY SONG is a touching story about faith, family, and fatherhood. It tells about what happens when we follow the dreams of the world instead of seeking God’s will, and how family and faith can set us on the right path. Watch as Noah suddenly realizes he’s a father, reconnects with his own father, and discovers what truly matters in life. For him, being a good father means taking responsibility, staying sober, and making grilled cheese sandwiches.

“Bein’ a man means telling the world you got it wrong… Bein’ a man’ ain’t runnin’ away, it’s runnin’ home.”

Watch GOD’S COUNTRY SONG exclusively on Pure Flix starting June 16th! Just in time for Father’s Day!



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