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“Abide in Me, and I in You.” ~John 15:4

Do you yearn for a deeper, more intimate communion with God? Would you like to engage with God’s Word on a deeper level – not just for knowledge but to experience it anew? Where you don’t skim the text but slow down and let it wash over you, soaking into your mind and heart?

THE ABIDE BIBLE is designed to help you experience the peace, hope, and growth that comes from encountering the voice and presence of God in Scripture. Every feature in this Bible is designed to teach and develop habits of practical scripture engagement that help you experience the power and spiritual nourishment of abiding in Christ.

THE ABIDE BIBLE Contains Five Scripture Engagement Prompts:

  1. Praying Scriptures – Pattern your prayers after biblical texts, personalizing the prayer and gaining language for the thoughts and emotions you want to express.
  2. Picture It – Place yourself in a biblical narrative as a bystander or participant in important events.
  3. Journaling – Focus and reflect on Scripture and its meaning for your life, opening yourself to God’s voice as you ponder.
  4. Engage Through Art – Consider a classic piece of art (photograph, sculpture, painting) and let it deepen your meditations on scriptural truths.
  5. Contemplate – Follow the simple four-step practice of reading a passage, meditating on its meaning and application, praying, and then silently contemplating the scripture in order to experience God’s presence through the words of the Bible.

Additional Features Include:

  • A presentation page at the front.
  • An introduction to the New English Translation (NET).
  • A list of all translators as well as their credentials and the organizations where they teach or work.
  • A selection of articles on how to read the Bible, and Scripture Engagement vs. Bible Study.
  • Book introductions that provide a concise overview of the background of the book about to be read, with historical and literary context.
  • Explanatory notes.
  • 365-Day Bible Reading Plan guiding you through the entire Bible in a year
  • Line-matched, single-column Scripture text for improved readability.
  • Smyth-sewn binding lays flat in your hand or on your desk.
  • Two satin ribbon markers allow you to easily navigate and keep track of where you are reading.
  • Easy-to-read 9-point NET Comfort Print.
  • Full-color maps and illustrations.


This is a wonderful Bible for visual learners! I love how THE ABIDE BIBLE prompts you to use your imagination by picturing something in your mind, such as placing yourself in a scene and imagining you’re one of the people there. I also love that it includes full-color reproductions of classic art and asks you to consider how the artwork relates to the scripture at hand. For creative writers at heart, THE ABIDE BIBLE even includes journal prompts. All of these exercises enrich your Bible-reading experience and help you interact with God’s Word.

This is a great Bible translation! The Thomas Nelson NET translation used in THE ABIDE BIBLE is a good, solid translation of the Word of God. The editorial comments in the introduction and other places provide a strong overall understanding of the sweep and scope of the Bible’s message. The introductions to each individual book offer useful commentary on every book in the Bible. The sidebar commentaries give ideas on how to prepare yourself to understand the portion of the Bible you are reading.

This is a beautiful Bible! The leather-soft cover feels nice in your hands. The pages are easy to read and turn. The illustrations will make you stop and look. The text layout will hold your attention. THE ABIDE BIBLE comes in a protective box with an eye-catching photo of sand dunes on the front. I know it would be the perfect gift for a Christian friend of mine because, for one thing, it’s my favorite new Bible!

This is a good devotional study Bible! THE ABIDE BIBLE is not a study or reference Bible per se, as it doesn’t contain the cross references and notes normally included in these. Still, it’s fine for personal study and devotions as it will help you learn more about God’s Word. God meant one thing when He wrote a passage. What did He mean? Pray that you find that one thing and understand it. This Bible will help you to do just that. 🙂

This is a quality Bible! THE ABIDE BIBLE was created by Thomas Nelson publishing group (one of the oldest and largest Bible publishers in the world) in partnership with Bible Gateway (the original searchable online Bible) and the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement. The Taylor University Center seeks to equip people to engage with the Bible in life-changing ways, leading to greater levels of evangelism, more intentional discipleship and worldview formation, and the growth of the church.

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Many thanks to Thomas Nelson Bibles for providing a sample of the Bible for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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  1. I would like to win this Bible because I believe it would be a great asset to me in my faith. From the description, there are a lot of things I like about this Bible and I can’t choose just one. For example, I am extremely artistic as well as a visual learner. I love to look at photographs in history books and connect them to the text – why not have the ability to do that with the greatest history Book of all time – the Bible?!? Also, I am learning how to meditate on Scripture and really pray, and I think this Bible would be perfect for it. Like I do with my other fiction books, I would like to really read the Bible and truly let it soak into my mind and heart so I can be on fire for God!

    1. Congratulations! You’re the winner of Homeschooling Teen’s ABIDE BIBLE giveaway! Please check your email for details. 🙂

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