Homeschooling Teen – October 2015

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Welcome a new columnist – Alifia, a 13-year-old homeschooler from Indonesia! The name of her column is “Marvelous Little Discovery.”

Read about Gabriel and Sarah Chrisman, who are living a Victorian lifestyle in the 21st century.

The featured college for this month is San Diego Christian College.

Narrelle reports on the winners and losers in the second Republican Presidential debate, Sherah reports on New York Fashion Week, Nick offers some great tips on how to stop procrastinating, Olyvea and Ethan give their usual thoughtful advice, Rachel shares her thoughts on poverty, Alesha writes about homeless animals, Millie describes what Heaven is like, and Aria ponders the “Old Paths.”

Zoe drew a beautiful picture of Carol and Daryl from “The Walking Dead,” and Hannah wrote a wonderful poem titled “Autumn Leaves.”

There is a book review on Found: God’s Will, another book review on A Monster Calls, a game review of Fallout Shelter, and an anime review of Mokke.

Also in this issue: a new color test helps teens find a career; top 4 most popular undergraduate degrees; how sociology can become a satisfying and rewarding degree path; an infographic on “10 Smart Tips for Effective Learning;” and two articles that tell how to create an e-portfolio – one of which is on LinkedIn.

Gabriel and Sarah Chrisman

Living a Victorian lifestyle in the 21st century!


San Diego Christian College

This small high-tech Christian liberal arts college is located in beautiful Southern California.


How Sociology Can Become a Satisfying and Rewarding Degree Path

Sociology dives into studies of people and groups, and can lead to a rewarding career.


A Homeschooler’s Guide to e-Portfolios

Portfolios are an ideal way for homeschoolers to document their personal, academic, and professional development.


Top 4 Most Popular Undergraduate Degrees

This article introduces the four most popular undergraduate degrees.


Color Test Helps Teens Find Career Paths

A new way to explore potential careers.


How to Build an e-Portfolio on LinkedIn

This isn’t your Dad’s LinkedIn!


Interested in Science and Technology? Five Degrees You Should Consider

Read about five degrees that science and technology fanatics love.


Bandarharjo Fish-Smoking Center in Semarang, Indonesia

NEW COLUMN! Alifia is a homeschooler from Indonesia.


My Problem with Poverty

My problem with poverty is I’ve never really lived in it.


Homeless Animals

Homeless animal facts and ways to help.


Autumn Leaves

A poem by Hannah Barber.


How to STOP Procrastinating

Have more time to do your gaming, or whatever it is you do in your free time.


Honest Advice with Sugar and Spice

Olyvea and Ethan answer questions on homeschooling, dating, and life in general.


Impressive Runway Shows at New York Fashion Week Spring 2016

Four NYFW Spring 2016 collections that stood out among the rest.


The Winners and the Losers: The 2nd Republican Presidential Debate

The roller-coaster ride of the 2016 primary has only just begun.


Old Paths

Like the old paths we walked before, so should we walk again.


Heaven: Eden Restored

Millie describes what Heaven is like.


Found: God’s Will, by John MacArthur Jr.

Six steps to finding what God’s will is in your life.


A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness

This monster is something different, something ancient, something wild.



An anime about two sisters and their encounters with supernatural creatures.


Fallout Shelter

This app puts you in control of a state-of-the-art underground Vault.


The Walking Dead

Zoe shares one of her pictures with a description of the subject, the story behind it, and the artistic process that went into it.


10 Smart Tips for Effective Learning

Personalize. Systematize. Diversify. Focus. Connect. Organize. Comfort. Think. Simplify. Engage.


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