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Homeschooling Teen – October 2014

Happy October! This issue features Becca McCann & The Essies, a Christian musical group made up of four homeschooled siblings. Check out our exclusive article, interview and RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY which will give you a chance to win a copy of their new CD! There are lots of other great articles, poems, and reviews too! See the list of contents below and view this month’s magazine online at

Becca McCann & The Essies

Becca McCann & The Essies is a Christian musical group made up of four homeschooled siblings. Check out our exclusive interview and RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY!


Homeschoolers Love Bennington College

Bennnington seeks to liberate and nurture the individuality, the creative intelligence, and the ethical and aesthetic sensibility of its students.


Online Community Colleges Guidebook

Community colleges offer a truly cost-effective option for students.


What to Expect from a Commercial Electrician

Electricians must have a firm command of the sometimes complex logic of electrical circuitry and electronics.


10 Benefits of Homeschooling You Need To Know

Homeschooling can present some problems, but if you can get over them then there are many benefits.


A Teen’s Guide To Managing Money

One of the most important and basic responsibility is to have teenagers learn the fundamental value of money.


Teen Entrepreneurship is Now a Fact

Just about anybody with the spirit of entrepreneurship can begin a business, and this applies to teens or adolescents as well.


Good Friends, Bad Friends, and “Frenemies”

Olyvea and Ethan give advice on friends and the complications that come along with them.



An insightful article on love and courtship, by Joseph W.


In Your Arms

A Poem, by Hannah.


Only for You

A Poem, by Serenity


Slowly but Surely

Having a mule is a whole new challenge. I’m glad to say progress is continuously going up.


The Harry Potter Series: A Story of Love

From the very first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, it is love that saves Harry Potter.


Storyworld First, by Jill Williamson

If you are a fantasy or science fiction writer, you should read this book.


Attack on Titan

If you watched the latest anime news you probably know the latest show on Cartoon Network Adult Swim Attack on Titan?



Takumi Nishijou suffers from intense delusions, and has a hard time telling what is real and what is not.


Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

A remake of The Secret of Monkey Island, a humorous game about pirates and ghost pirates.


Zoe’s Art Corner: Bigby Wolf

Zoe shares one of her pictures with a description of the subject, the story behind it, and the artistic process that went into it.


Tips for Teens While Going on Education Tours

With a few simple guidelines, any teenager can benefit greatly from going on an educational tour.


How Big Data Is Facilitating Homeschooling Students

Big data has completely changed the way students reach educational resources.


How the Greatest Minds in Mathematics Changed the World

An infographic that highlights how the greatest minds in mathematics used their reasoning skills to change the world.


The Ultimate List of Superhero Lairs

Are you a superhero fan? Check out this infographic on how to recreate your favorite superhero’s lair!


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