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Homeschooling Teen – August 2014

Happy August! In this issue you can meet a homeschooled artist, learn how to be a forensic scientist, and read about the University of Nebraska Omaha. We have two new columns starting this month – “Honest Advice with Sugar and Spice,” and “Zoe’s Art Corner.” Plus there are “9 Brilliant Ideas to Tackle Homeschooling Stress,” “4 Perks of Social Media Every Homeschooling Student Should Know,” and so much more!


Zoe Olson

Meet Zoe Olson, 13, a homeschooled artist!


The University of Nebraska Omaha

The motto of UNO is “Connect-Collaborate-Create.”


Forensic Scientist

Forensic lab technicians, chemists, and scientists apply their expertise in scientific analysis to the justice system.


Learn How to Become a Proactive Student While Homeschooling

The greatest lesson homeschool parents can teach their college-bound students is the way to be proactive.


4 Perks of Homeschooling All Parents Should Know

If you are planning to engage your teen in this activity, you will want to know the hidden perks of homeschooling programs.


9 Brilliant Ideas to Tackle Homeschooling Stress

Here are some ideas on how you can stop the homeschooling stress from getting the best of you.


Honest Advice with Sugar and Spice

16-year-old Olyvea Pancerella and Ethan Faulkes answer questions on homeschooling, dating, and life in general from both a male and female perspective.


Happy Endings

A poem by Serenity Dodd.


So Strong, So Kind, So True

A poem by Katie Dodd.


She hides behind the many faces…

A poem by Hannah Barber.


To Kill a Mockingbird: A Timeless Classic

A heavy story of racism and injustice through the innocent and unsuspecting eyes of a lawyer’s daughter.


The Shootist (A Book Review)

This topic will discuss my opinion of the book I read and of course there will be a major spoil alert!


DK Biography: Ronald Reagan, by Michael Burgan

Reagan’s amazing journey, from his childhood in Illinois, to his career in Hollywood, to his election as governor of California and his two terms as president of the United States.


Sixteen, by Emily Rachelle

I am reviewing a novella published by my friend Emily Rachelle. (You may recognize Emily’s name as a former HST book reviewer!)


Webkinz World

Webkinz World is a multi-award winning virtual world of adorable animals that’s popular with all ages.


Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke (“Mononoke-hime”) is a historical fantasy adventure film written and directed by anime legend Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli.


Zoe’s Art Corner

NEW COLUMN! Each month Zoe will share one of her pictures with a description of the subject, the story behind it, and the artistic process that went into it.


The Social Life of the App Addicted Teen

Check out this infographic to see how technology influences the day to day life of teens all around the world.


4 Perks of Social Media Every Homeschooling Student Should Know

If you are hunting for something that will enhance your student life, then you need to utilize social media platforms.


Implement Booming Technologies in Homeschooling for Your Teen’s Growth

Educate your child in a smarter manner by engaging innovative technological tools.


3 Education Alternatives for Struggling Students

The best schooling option for your child will be one that best fills their needs while encouraging them to become passionate about their education.


My Story

By Lulu. I started getting homeschooled in the fall of 2012, the beginning of my 8th grade school year.

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