Homeschooling Teen Magazine – June 2014

Congratulations to the Class of 2014! Homeschooling Teen magazine wishes all the best to this year’s graduates – whether you’re graduating from junior high, senior high, or college! If you’re interested in summer travel or a gap year adventure, be sure to read the article about Miro and find out how you can meet up with him and his mom in Peru!

In This Issue:

Miro’s World Schooling Adventure

For the past five years, 15-year-old Miro Siegel and his mom have been immersing themselves in international travel as an alternative form of education called world schooling.


Sierra Nevada College

Sierra Nevada College (SNC) is a private, non-sectarian liberal arts college with an 18-acre campus on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.


Advantages of Education Related Technology

Technology in the field of education is providing better opportunities to students and teachers alike.


Six Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Your Roommates

It’s in your best interest to follow these tips and do the best you can to get along well with your roommates.


Emergency Management

Emergency management professionals develop plans and procedures for responding to natural disasters, terrorism, and other emergencies.


Illegal Border Traffic is Hazardous to the Environment

Illegal border traffic is ruining some of the most beautiful and fragile natural environments in North America.


Dear Maya Angelou

A Poem by Hannah Barber.


Three Gifts God Has Given Me

A poem by Serenity.


My First Trip

My first summer away from home I got my sister back and my first time on an airplane was a first class experience.


What a Bright Orange Lamp Can Teach You

Fuzzy old lamps aren’t on God’s list of treasures that can be transported to heaven.


My Journey through the Ages

Sticking a label on a person… limits individuality and denies a person the opportunity to be who he or she truly is.



When you first read the title, how did it make you feel? Not good, right?


Book Review: The Hiding Place

Someone recommended this book to me and it took about five years to actually decide to read it. Don’t wait like I did.


Book Review: Rising, by Holly Kelly

Xanthus Dimitriou is on a mission to save mankind from annihilation. But first there’s one small thing he needs to do…


8 Great Apps for Summer Learning

Here are some of the best apps which can help busy homeschoolers continue their learning all summer long in an easy, fun, and stress-free way.



Lucidity is a game made by LucasArts, but it’s a magical storybook experience that’s very different from Star Wars.


Kino’s Journey

If you like serious animes, female heroines, cultural studies, firearms, road trips, and/or food for thought – you will enjoy this!


Homeschool Stereotypes, by Gabrielle Reed

Writing Contest Honorable Mention.


Superfood SuperGuide

Superfoods are good for your body inside and out. With lots of nutrients but not a lot of calories, they pack a big PUNCH!



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