Homeschooling Teen Magazine – February 2014

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In This Issue:

6-month Internship Opportunity for Homeschooled Young Men

Not quite ready for college but feel called to ministry? Consider an internship with the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches!


Homeschooling Teen Profile

Jonathan Olsen: How I Became a Citizen Corps Volunteer

Due to my interest in a firefighting career I looked up volunteer opportunities at my local fire department, and found out about the Fire Corps and Community Emergency Response Team.


Xbolt’s Anime Reviews

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: “The World is Broken”

This work of fiction surrounding the circumstances of a massive earthquake in Tokyo is based on tremendous amounts of research.


Narrelle’s Column

Malala Yousafzai: A Story of Courage

By Narrelle Gilchrist. Malala Yousafzai’s spirit has reached all corners of the globe, and yet she is only sixteen years old!



Homeschooling: The School of Champions

By Rachel Salter. Homeschooling has given my family the opportunity to explore our own community as well as travel around the world. (Writing Contest Honorable Mention)


Teen Tech Talk

10 Free Must-Have Apps for Students

By Sasha. Students are more likely to be glued to an iPad than an assignment if given the chance, making it useful for education.


Book Reviews

Curriculum Review: Dynamic Literacy’s WordBuild

Words are the building blocks of communication, and the more of them you know, the more likely you will be a good writer and speaker.


Book Reviews

Rescuing Hope, by Susan Norris

Hope is as familiar as the girl next door. Like any young girl, she has dreams for her future, none of which include being trafficked.


Poems to Ponder

Bleeding Words

A Poem by Hannah Barber.


Country Girls Knowledge

Like a Dove

A Poem by Katie.


Life is What You Make of It

I Hear You Calling…

A poem by Serenity.


Homeschooling High School

Trusting for Our Teens

We all hope our children will grow up listening to our wisdom and never make any mistakes. I have two children, one who did listen and one who did not.


Guest Column

6 Essential Homeschooling Tips for Parents of Special Teens

It requires lots of patience and enormous endurance to deal with special teens and raise them up to face the real world.


Sports Report

The Sports Report

The 2014 Super Bowl, Winter Olympics, Australian Open, and other sport events in February.


Need a Clue?

Olympic Games

By Nick Maker. I can’t wait until the Sochi Winter Games will come, why do I love the Olympic Games so much?


Game Reviews

Traffic Racer

This is a fun game to play – just drive real fast and try not to crash. But please DO NOT drive like this in real life!


College Life

Make Your College Experience Uplifting By Preparing With These 5 Tips

Making your college experience better is possible with a bit of preparation and a clear outlook on your future plans and goals.



Boost Your Career With an Amplified Linkedin Profile

By Helen Dina. LinkedIn is a professional social platform to market your skills or expertise in a comprehensive and detailed resume.



Infographic: A Prep School Primer

Here’s an interesting look at prep schools across the country.

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