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 Advancing the Kingdom of Christ through Scholarship, Leadership & Action

“The New Geneva Academy is the college for students wanting to know how they can honour the crown rights of King Jesus in the modern world. Under the tuition of men who have thought deeply about the issues at hand, the diligent student should find their courses a spiritually and mentally enriching pursuit.” ~Dr. Daniel F.N. Ritchie, B.A., D.Min., author of A Conquered Kingdom


Based in Appomattox, Virginia, the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy is a theological college that follows a biblical model for higher education, focusing on comprehensive study of the Scriptures and the application of God’s Word. New Geneva is an excellent choice for serious Christians who want to study leadership and applied theological knowledge. Dr. Richard Jones of American Vision says, “New Geneva courses are not only spiritually and intellectually challenging, but they are also culture-changing in potential and eminently practical for every sphere and every aspect of life.”

Established in 2009, New Geneva is certified by the State Counsel of Higher Education Board of Virginia as an Undergraduate College, a Graduate School, and a Christian Seminary conferring 4-year Bachelor, 2-year Associate, and 1-year Certificate Degrees plus a Pastoral Seminary degree. Program tracks include Worldview Studies, Theology, Art, History, Education, Engineering, Mathematics, Constitutional and Biblical Law, Economics, Government, and much more. New Geneva is presently working on several new classes for the 2014 semester year, including a college-level course in filmmaking and analysis. The college also has a literary outreach, The Genevan Advisor, with articles written by professors and students.

The New Geneva Academy’s classes are taught both on-site and via correspondence/ independent study. All students for which it is geographically possible are invited to use New Geneva’s in-house Theological & Law library, periodical stacks, media resources, viewing room, and Art & Music studios. The educational facility is located in Central Virginia at 222 Harrell Street, Appomattox. It’s nestled in the heart of historic downtown, just around the corner from The Appomattox Gallery, an antique mall and tea room at the end of Main Street. Scroll down to the end of this article to learn about New Geneva’s exciting expansion opportunity and how you can help!


New Geneva’s professors and administrators believe that God has called His people to the highest standard of scholarship, and strive to meet that expectation. They offer a comprehensive and active course of study that equips students to apply God’s truth to every aspect of their lives and to society as a whole. Recognizing that every student is unique and his or her gifts differ, the college tailors each program to the specific student depending upon his or her interests and direction. The teachers and advisors provide helpful feedback to students within the context of their courses and activities.

New Geneva accepts students from around the world who are seeking a Christ-centered, application-minded education. Homeschoolers in particular are enthusiastically welcomed and encouraged to apply, even if lacking official documentation or transcripts. They simply ask you to send copies of any documents you may have indicating your achievements, test results, certifications, etc. You will also need to provide two letters of recommendation. One should be from your pastor and the other from an officer in your church (elder, deacon, etc.), or a person who can verify your educational experience (teacher, tutor, etc.).

In addition to the college, New Geneva has a Home Educators’ Academy and High School which provides the Christian community with a truly biblical, affordable alternative for the high school years. Students may enroll in as few or as many classes that interest them, to fill gaps and round out their overall educational needs. All of the high school classes are held on-site in the learning center. These courses are structured to help discipline the students’ habits and prepare them for the real world. High school students may consider dual enrollment in the college courses offered at The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy.

Rev. Paul Michael Raymond, the Dean of New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy, is also the Founder and Executive Administrator of the Home Educators Academy. Since 1987, Pastor Raymond has been involved in Biblical Education, including that of his own children. Besides his full time duties at the Reformed Bible Church in Appomattox, he teaches Theology, History and Political Science at New Geneva. His wife, Jane, is a veteran homeschool mom, art teacher and founder of the Bezaleel Art Project, a Christian art guild. She teaches art, philosophy, and worldview studies at New Geneva.


The New Geneva Advisory Board is comprised of carefully selected, mature, Christian men who are proven leaders in Christian Education. The legal parent entity of New Geneva is The Institute for Theonomic Reformation (ITR). ITR is a Christ-centered, non-profit organization that seeks to empower the Christian, and the church, to fulfill God’s cultural commission of Christian responsibility. All course donation fees are paid to the ITR in support of its non-profit work in advancing the Kingdom of Christ.

As an independent college, New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy discourages student debt. Course fees start at only $75 per credit hour, which is less than the cost of most local community colleges! Students may pay for their courses by check, credit card, cash or money order. There is an online payment link at the academy’s website, as well as an option for a monthly payment schedule. Financial hardship cases are handled on an individual basis, to be decided solely at the discretion of the New Geneva Board of Directors.

New Geneva is endorsed by some of the finest Christian ministries, which also seek to see Christ’s Kingdom advance through solid Biblical leadership training. According to Gary DeMar, Th.D., President of American Vision, “The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy [is] on the cutting-edge of… training Christians to change the world for the Glory of God. I highly recommend [their] curriculum.” A number of colleges and universities will accept the degrees furnished by New Geneva. To help students, New Geneva maintains a list of colleges which have already evaluated and agreed to accept their transfer credits.

“If the Christian student has a desire to understand his culture in a time of historic upheaval, and to perhaps be a leader pointing to a more Biblical future,” says Rev. Mark R. Rushdoony, President of the Chalcedon Foundation, “then courses like New Geneva’s ought to be seriously considered. It can take you beyond a world and life view to a world and life application.” Please visit the New Geneva website for detailed course information, view the student handbook, and check out the college’s online bookstore.

Geneva’s Opportunity

The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to increase its library by approximately 10,000+ books, but it first needs to expand its facility. Providentially, God has opened a door whereby the building next door to the college is available. This would provide Geneva with two floors of library space and an entire parking lot adjacent to the already existing Geneva building. Since Geneva refuses to be indebted to the banking system to fund any of their projects, they are asking the Christian community to help. They only need to raise $50,000 for the purchase!

If you would like to be a part of this important project please send your tax deductible donation made out to ITR (The Institute for Theonomic Reformation), P.O. Box 778, Appomattox VA 24522. Donations of $500 or more will receive a copy of Dr. Ed Payne’s book Biblical Healing for Modern Medicine. Donations of $1000 or more will receive a copy Steve Halbrook’s hardcover book God is Just. For more information, please contact Rev. Paul Michael Raymond at: pastor@ or call (434) 941-1895.

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