Knowing is Living – Dangerous Drugs that are Popular with Teens

Teens have become dangerously experimental in the last several years. From smoking unknown substances to taking pills filled with mystery powder, they have become very brave so to speak. Many of these new drugs are simply altered or mixed versions of existing drugs that heightens the feelings or changes the experience and can be potentially lethal.

The following are drugs that have become increasingly popular among teens, however the users are often uninformed on what the drug actually contains or does to the body and mind.


The name, intended to be deceiving, is a slang term for MDMA and is often referred to as the “pure” version of ecstasy. Often, Molly is cut with numerous other drugs such as cocaine, meth, and opiates. The mixture of these drugs can cause serious brain damage with just one use and the outcome could be devastating. The use of this drug is over associated with electronic music scenes and raves. The heightened energy levels can cause an individual to become dehydrated without noticing which in itself could be harmful to the body. Dehydration is one of the greatest causes of hospitalizations related to the drug use.


Created in the kitchen with everyday appliances, this drug of choice is highly powerful yet easy to conceal since so little is needed to obtain the high. Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is often called wax, oil or shadder. It gets its name from its wax like appearance and honey-like color. One “dab” of hash oil can reach levels of 60%-80% THC, which is the active compound in marijuana. To put this into perspective, some of the highest quality marijuana reaches THC levels of 25% making the levels in BHO at least double the strength. Not only are the level of THC incredibly high, but butane gas is used to extract the THC from marijuana and could potentially leave traces of butane in the oil. Butane gas, when smoked, can be neurotoxic and therefore deadly should it be made incorrectly.


Cocaine, known as coke, blow or crack, has been around for decades and is used by all age groups. Typically, cocaine is a more expensive than other drugs for a small amount but since most individuals chose to snort it, little is needed to feel the effects. Since the drug is snorted, its effects are almost immediate. Cocaine causes people to feel increased levels of energy and alertness. It can also cause users to become violent or aggressive and impair judgment.


This drug is typically more popular among users that have experimented with other drugs before and have decided to move on to a more psychedelic side of drug use. LSD is mostly known for its visual effects and alterations as well as its overwhelming sense of euphoria. This drug can be found in liquid form or more frequently soaked into paper or other mediums and the trip can last up to 12 hours.


One of the most powerful of these drugs, DMT can cause a user to lose all sense of reality which has been described as “leaving this world.” DMT is not active if orally ingested so it must be inhaled or injected; however, inhalation is more common among younger users. Tripping can last anywhere from 5-20 minutes and is accompanied by strong visuals and loss of control.

Drug use has been a worldwide issue for years and it is unrealistic to get rid of drugs completely, so the only way to stay safe is to stay informed. When it comes to experimenting with drugs, knowledge could save a life.

Authored by Carolina Sewald. Carolina is currently a student at The University of Central Florida and just recently became a part of the Drug Dangers team as a content writer.

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