What it Means to be Successful

nmaker2 By Nick Maker

How can I become successful?

My mom always tells me that “success comes from being well prepared on anything life throws at you,” and it’s true. My mother prepares me to raise a better son and my father prepares by working hard with diligence, so he can support the house we live in plus my home school education.

What does that mean by your own words? Many people have many definitions of the word success, but the majority say that hard work can lead to your great success — probably, but not always. African slaves work their butts off for nothing and even if they get free and try to make a living, their lives still haven’t accomplished anything. Why? Because of the walls they have to put up with that always put them in a halt, but is good in some ways.

Because if Martin Luther King Jr. hadn’t pushed himself to say “I Have a Dream” he would have just sat by his chair at home doing nothing. If Clara Barton hadn’t pushed her limits to bring the Red Cross to America we might have lost millions of lives that needed our attention.

Now in other ways to earn a successful life you have to rely on a degree. You can’t get a diploma quickly and certainly nobody can get a raise that fast. Education is important and yes hard work has to have a SLOOOOOW pace, but it gives you the right path to make an easy and careful decision in life. If doctors took 8 or more years to take a degree on medicine or surgeon, they now can perform higher tasks like heart transplants.

If success comes from education and education comes from your parents or teachers then what happens if you have nothing? What if someone’s poor and his parents are abusive and he has nothing to earn? Well, that is the hardest thing anyone could live in and that is “where to go when I can’t follow.” Does this mean that someone is destined to become a criminal just like all the rest of the low life-sad lives they had? Not necessarily, because there are a few people who live in slums with no education, but come out a business man. How is that?

For few things maybe because there are kind people who are willing to work with criminals and change their hearts to the right path based on long sessions of psychology and therapy. For example, Ishamel Beah lived through the African war when he was thirteen, lost everything he loved, and his body was put through bloodshed-mind-raping-dope usage that changed an entire young man into a rebel — until he finally had help and rehabilitated. Then he wanted to go to America and be a business man.

Nobody and I mean nobody in any person who has no education and nobody helps him and only sees bad things in the world will end up in a degree of success. That’s like one sheep says to the shepherd, “Sorry master, I know I’m blind, but I will go to the mountain for great things without your help.” Everybody needs to lead one another in order to put in the right path.

Why do some people who had successful lives end up in the dump? Like one actor in Colombia that was so famous and so nice, then at the end one stupidity ruined his life and that was drugs. It proves that life is not always a smooth ride and when we choose the seat, we have to pick the right seat which is the safety line then on the insecure line. Is the mind that we choose who will lead us and what we think is right for us or what. We have a brain to either choose right from wrong, but we always have to ask for help and extend our hands and grab that someone from our down fall.

Updated: October 1, 2013 — 2:24 pm

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