The Importance of Connecting with Grandparents Before It’s Too Late

By Nick Maker

I just went to Orlando to visit Disney World and Universal Studios, (try to not get jealous,) but not only that, I visited my grandparents who came all the way from Colombia. It was a grand happy time to see them once again after 3 ½ years. I had seen them in my last vacation. I love them so much that I think it is a wonderful time to talk about the Importance of Grandparents.

Since we were small we cared about our parents so much. Do you ever wonder about how our parents have parents as well? Introducing the grandparents! They love us and care for us, (most of the elderly folks do) and they give us small gifts every visit (most every visit).

However, with advancing age we have to give them more love. Ask them about their past, so maybe you’ll know about your great great grandfather who fought in the Civil War, anything to learn your parents’ roots.  Spend a day listening to them, help them when they have no strength to carry their load, and finally say what your heart tells them of how dearly you love them.

Because they can’t live forever even if we wanted them to, anything can happen. The moment they are gone we will feel a burning coal in our heart that won’t cool down because we didn’t say “I love you, thanks for everything of your love and support of my present and future.”

Don’t think of them as old Kooks who don’t know how to manage a computer. They have a lot of knowledge from their past that we didn’t grow up in. Their past teaches us the future and our future becomes the present. Grandparents have most of their lives behind them. Teens have most of their lives ahead of them. The connection between the two is for both to listen. No matter our age we all fear, we all rejoice, we all be saddened, and we all hope.

Don’t be ashamed to cry. I cried when I shared these words with my grandparents and with my mom too, both quietly and publicly. If you want a private moment, go ahead. Just don’t take too long to find the right moment. Hug them, kiss them on the cheek, and take as many photos as you want. It’s your choice and your choice alone of how you manage the final moments of their lives – or regret it for life. Don’t wait; act now.

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