Steps on Writing an Essay

By Sandra Miller

A lot of people would rather avoid writing an essay just the same way as a lot of other people avoid mathematics. Mathematics and essay writing do have two things in common. First is that, they are both hard to learn and second is, they are unavoidable. Wherever you may go and whatever career you will choose, essay writing will always come along the way and you will have no choice but to learn how to do it. But there is no need to worry, the only key on having essay writing as your skill is to know the simple steps discussed in this article and follow them.

Do research

It is not always that you will be the one to choose your own topic depending on your mood and interest. Especially for students, a specific topic is already given and you need to write an essay about such topic, regardless if you do not have any idea on what it is. The good thing is we are now living in a world where a few clicks and typing will do for you to do some research. If you have more time to spend, then go to the library, more time on reading and taking notes, the easier it will be for you to store the information in your memory. This way, you will be confident that readers of your essay can say that you really know everything about the topic.

Check other writers’ essays and analyze

Since you are now an expert on your topic, try to find and read other people’s essays about the same topic. Take note of the claims, reasoning, and proofs. Also check out the logic and the positive side of the essay that you are reading. Analyzing and sometimes criticizing the essay written by others is a big help on learning on writing your own.


Write down 12-15 questions and pretend that your readers are the ones asking them. Write down your answers and spend time on thinking on what else to write for the topic of your essay.

Make a thesis

Think of a single sentence that you think can be followed by questions, clarifications, and arguments. You cannot expect to produce a quality essay without a thesis.


Before writing an essay, it is time to create guides for each paragraph that you are about to write. Write down sentences that will serve as descriptions to each paragraph and decide which paragraph should come first.

Introduce your work

This is just the same as making an introductory talk as a speaker to ensure that the audience will not walk out because they got bored. This is your chance to get the reader’s attention and be confident that they will read your entire essay up to the last sentence.

Write the paragraphs for each topic sentence in your outline

Make sure that each paragraph discusses and focuses on the topic sentence that it is belonging to. Pretend that you are talking to a person about the topic sentence and write down what you are verbally saying to that imaginary person.

Modern Language Association Style

When writing an essay, if you happen to put a single sentence or any information borrowed from another writer, you have to state from whoever you have got that information within the essay that you are writing. It should also be indicated at the source list at the work cited page of your essay.

Double check the language

This is the polishing part of writing an essay. Check out for any misspelled words, wrong grammar, flow of the sentences, and incorrect punctuation. Read the essay aloud and you will know which part of it will not sound right and needs to be changed or fixed.

About the Author: Sandra Miller is a New York University graduate who lives in Brooklyn. She is a freelance writer and uses professional editing services to make her writing perfect.

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