Fractale is set in the distant future, in what appears to be Ireland. In this future, there is something called the “Fractale System,” which is the backbone for just about everything in your average human’s life. Fractale supports “doppels,” which are 3D holographic beings that users can control. So people can go anywhere at any time, free from a physical body.

Clain Necran lives alone. His parents, and even his dog, are doppels. He doesn’t use a doppel, preferring to live more old-fashioned. He likes collecting technology from the pre-Fractale era. He reminds me of a friend of mine, being excited over old tech.

One day, Clain runs into Phyrne, a mysterious girl who is running from some people trying to capture her. Injured in a fall, Clain takes her home because she refuses hospital treatment. She disappears shortly thereafter, leaving behind a pendant. Clain examines the pendant, finding, much to his surprise, that it contains data for a doppel.

Clain sets out on a journey with the girl-shaped avatar and they go looking for Phyrne, uncovering some facts about Fractale along the way…

As far as the story goes, it’s not the greatest I’ve ever seen. But it’s not horrible, either. Kinda average. However, I did find the major bad guy extremely cookie-cutter and boring. He’s a bad guy, you know he’s the bad guy, and nothing sets him apart from all the other garden-variety bad guys. So I make fun of him.

On a side note, the airship used by Phyrne’s would-be captors is a very interesting design.

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