Now with twice as many exclamation points!!

K-On!!is, quite obviously, the sequel to K-ON! I knew by the end of the first season that there would be a sequel. It just didn’t feel complete yet. Naturally, I was right.

The first season was about the girls’ first two years of high school, and the second is about their third and final year. So, what happened in their third year? Well, more of the same, really. Cute girls doing cute things and playing music. (Although the ratio of music to other stuff is less in the second season, which disappointed me.)

My favorite episode was the concert episode, where they actually, you know, played music. Though, the summer trip one was really good, too.

So basically, if you liked the first one, go ahead and watch the second one, because you’ll probably like it too. If you didn’t like the first one, I can’t really help you there.

And they’ve made a K-On! movie. (DVD release date: May 21, 2013.) It had better be about them going to the Budokan. I’ve been waiting for that since the beginning of the first season. If they don’t use this to actually conclude the original storyline with a flair, and instead we get an hour and a half of tea and cakes, then I’ll be very unhappy.

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