Month: April 2013

Isabelle Faletti

Isabelle Faletti, 21, was homeschooled from the age of 11 to 17. She is now majoring in Public Relations at Northwestern College in Minnesota. Some of the courses that she has completed include Mass Media & Society, Political Communication, Business Communication, Photojournalism Workshop, PR Writing & Tactics, PR Cases & Campaigns, and PR Events: Planning & […]

Northwestern College, Minnesota

“No more charming spot could have been chosen for a school of the retreat of a scholar….an environment that provides the mind with the greatest relaxation from the rigors of the school room and the athletic field and do much to increase the happiness and culture of the students.” (Quoted in the Northwestern College Historic […]

Causes of and Tips for Teen Depression

Editor’s Note: It’s not unusual for young people to get “down in the dumps” or experience “the blues” occasionally. Most of the time when teens encounter challenging situations, they can lean on friends and family members for help. Sometimes, however, their problems become too complicated or overwhelming and they may need the guidance of a […]

3 Ways to Be Textbook Frugal

Being a college student is expensive. You have to pay for tuition, lab fees, insurance and boarding most times. Then there’s your textbooks. They can be quite expensive to purchase them for several classes. Textbooks can range upwards of $100 apiece when buying new. You must learn how to keep costs low and what you […]

How to Prepare for and Pass the Police Officer Interview

Police officers perform a vital public service by helping to protect lives and property. The daily duties of police officers vary with their occupational specialty and whether they are working for a local, state, or federal agency. Many police officers patrol their jurisdictions and investigate any suspicious activity that they notice. They pursue and apprehend […]

You Are What You Own

The Razor’s Edge, by Madeleine Richey I’d like to introduce you to a topic that might sound a bit foreign to most of us. The reason for this is because we live in a consumer culture, where emphasis is placed on the things we own and how much money we have. We’ve all heard that […]

The Path to Recovery

  Drug addiction? Homeschooling can help! A Guest Post by Jennifer Hardy The good news is that if you are recovering from drug addiction and are reading this, then you have the will to get yourself back on track and get your life back. Your life was spiraling out of control, but now you are […]

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron: Mission Europe & Roots

[This DVD review was originally published at] My family just finished watching The Way of the Master: Mission Europe series on DVD (in which Ray Comfort and his faithful team travel through Europe preaching open-air), followed by ROOTS, which is a youth evangelism DVD series based on Mission Europe. I had been wondering how […]

Sneak by Evan Angler

Emily Rachelle Reviews, by Emily A secret Markless community is growing across the globe, and Logan Langly’s mission to save his sister is about to bring them all together. I’ve been waiting for this book from the moment I finished Swipe, and I was not disappointed.  The voice of each character and the writing style of […]

Paper Mario Sticker Star

A Game Review, by Nick Maker I finally played the new paper Mario game and I have to say it was a whole different paper experience. This begs the question, “Nick, did you like this game and should I buy it?” Well, in my honest opinion, it wasn’t the best paper Mario game ever. In all the paper […]


An Anime Review, by Xbolt I watched the movie Inceptionand thought it was a nice piece of work. The premise alone was very interesting. A few weeks later, I watched Paranoia Agent. That was cool. Then, I looked at what else the director had done. Paprika came up, and after reading the premise, I said: […]

The Sports Report

By Caela March Madness 2013 Well, here we are again for March Madness. If you have any questions on how March Madness works, just check out my first March Madness paper from last year. Here are all the games up till the Final Four. I will conclude this paper next month with the Final Four […]

An American Teenager: My Life & Experiences In Costa Rica

For the month of February, I was unable to write due to a few fun excursions I took part in. My younger brothers’ school was taking a field trip into the mountains to a Christian camp, and I joined them as a volunteer. I received 72 hours of volunteer hours for the trip, where my […]