Touhou Project Side Story

Touhou Project Side Story is a Touhou anime that was released in 2007, predating A Summer Day’s Dream by a year.

Unlike A Summer Day’s Dream, which was exceptionally good for a doujin product, Touhou Project Side Story should have had the subtitle “How Not To Make An Anime.”

It featured bad character designs, worse animation, laughable special effects, and a story that seems to be little more than terrible fanfiction. Ouch.

The “story” is about Lunarian culture, and hence focuses on the crew from Imperishable Night, with some original characters. (This was made before Silent Sinner in Blue, which contradicts just about everything here.) And… My goodness, is that a MAN?! Sacrilege!!

As for effects, the whole movie looks rather blurry. It’s almost like they turned the bloom up way too high. I’m like: “No! Stop it! Games already use that effect way too much!”

The voice acting wasn’t as bad as the rest, though. (Except for Reimu and Marisa, who sound horrible. Fortunately, they’re only on for five minutes.)

You can watch Touhou Project Side Story in six parts on YouTube:

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Updated: February 28, 2013 — 1:58 pm

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