Stepping Stones: A Monthly Devotional

by Michaela Popielski

Well, when you read this it will officially be 2013! I hope 2012 was a good year for everyone. It was good for me. God has showed me his faithfulness in so many ways. Well, this article I think will be on the fear of God. When we think of fear, most of us probably think of terror. Proverbs is an excellent source of verses pertaining to this subject. Below are a few examples.*

*Most if not all of the examples for reference are from the Bible site since I don’t know everything and I don’t want to lead anyone the wrong way.

A Definition of the Fear of the Lord

What does the phrase “the fear of the LORD” refer to? When we think of fear, we associate the word with terror. Webster’s Dictionary defines fear as “a feeling of anxiety and agitation produced by the presence or nearness of danger, evil, pain, etc.” For many, this would describe the feeling you get when you see a snake, go to the doctor or dentist, or when you find yourself in a time of extreme danger. It is dread of the unknown. Surely, this is not the sensation the writer of Proverbs is referring to.

In our modern vernacular, the word fear, in the context in which it is used by Solomon, has been replaced with reverence, awe, great respect. What the writer of this book is saying is that we are to have a deep reverence and respect for the Lord. Literally, we are to be awed and humbled by His presence.

My Pastor spoke on this subject and it really interested me. I knew the “Fear of the Lord” but the example above and my Pastor’s sermon really gave me a good insight on this subject. Fear of the Lord Gives us reverence and a desire to respect him. Such as when a child disobeys his parents, He fears the consequences of his disobedience. In not wanting to hurt or upset his parent’s by them punishing him he has a deep respect for them strives to please them, just as we should have for God.

God doesn’t want us to serve Him out of fear of being struck by lightning. He wants us to serve and respect Him as a loving God and Father and be humbled by Him.

Genuine fear of the Lord is always seen in obedience to the Word of God (Proverbs 8:13). People who do not walk in line with God’s Word do not fear the Lord, regardless of what they profess with their lips. Therefore, when we fear the Lord, there is an element of dread at what His wrath can do, but there is also such a respect for Him and for His will that nothing else matters but doing that which pleases the Lord.

“The remarkable thing about fearing God is that, when you fear God, you fear nothing else; whereas, if you do not fear God, you fear everything else.” –Oswald Chambers

Would you describe your life as one lived in the fear of God? Does the dread of His wrath prompt you to holiness? Does respect for Him and for His will propel you toward obedience and godliness? We need to fear of the Lord in our lives!

There you go, the meaning of “The Fear of the Lord” in a nutshell. I hope this article was interesting to you. Have a good January! ~ Michaela

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