3 Young Adult Books You Won’t Want to Miss

by Katty Gomes

This winter is going to be very exciting for young adult book readers as many interesting books are coming true for them. These young adult books will take you to the peak of excitement and entertainment. Here are 3 new young adult books that you would love to read.

Title: All The Broken Pieces
Author: Cindi Madsen
Overview of book: It’s a story of young girl Liv who lost her memory in a car accident. Only thing she has from her past is two distinct warning voices inside her mind. Then she starts hanging around with Spencer who’s own past is very mysterious and she started to live a complete life. But those warning voices always discompose her life. Liv and Spenser started to find the the answers. Does she get succeed in rebuilding the pieces of her broken past? This book is all about it.


Title: Deadly Little Lessons
Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz
Overview of Book: This is a story of high school girl Camelia Hammond who throws her self into her artwork after knowing a mournful truth about her family. At art school she got stuck in the case of a missing girl. Then she started her own investigation to find the missing girl and she got many clues that helps her in finding the girl. Does she get succeed in finding the girl? How her past life experiences helped her in her investigation? You should read this book to know more about it.


Title: Never Let You Go
Author: Emma Carlson Berne
Overview of Book: It’s a story of two best friends, Anna and Megan. Megan’s one mistake creates some differences between their friendship but after some time everything becomes normal for them when Anna invites Megan to spend the summer on her uncle’s farm. On the farm, Megan and Jordan came close to each other too, but Anna doesn’t like this and she felt that Megan betrayed her once again. Now what happened next with them on their vacation, read the book to know it.


About the Author: Katty Gomes is a professional content writer and also loves to read books and novels. Here she is sharing her reviews on top 3 books for young adults. 

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