Stepping Stones

A Monthly Devotional, by Michaela Popielski

Hey everyone! I can’t believe August is over. Most of if not all of you have probably started school. Well, I wish you luck. On to the devotional. I think this month I will talk about fasting. Fasting, as most if not all of us know is not eating but instead using the times we eat to pray and spend time with God. Please note, most of what is written in here in quotations or is written is either from The Bible or from a book called The Miracle of Fasting by Dave Williams. This book is amazing. It has answered a ton of questions that I’ve had about fasting. Fasting never really caught my attention until recently. I had tried it once or twice before and failed horribly. I had so many questions that I really wasn’t into it. But more than explaining fasting it went on to list some benefits to fasting:

  • Deliverance of bad habits
  • Revelations from God
  • Weight Loss
  • Speedily answered prayers
  • Constant supply of needs and
  • Better health just to name a few. Nice right?

Jesus said; “When you fast” not “if you fast.” This quote/verse hit home for me. I knew you had to fast but in a way I didn’t really care. He also said; “Don’t be like the hypocrites.” Meaning: don’t go around broadcasting that you are fasting. …”For they have received their reward. When they (the people who announce that they are fasting to show off) then they have their reward. But if you don’t appear to be fasting then God will reward you. Granted if someone asks you out to lunch or something you can say “No. I am fasting” but if you say it wanting to get attention then that’s not the right motivation. You could say instead, so you don’t need to worry about trying to sound spiritual: “No thanks. Today is one of my days.” This was a big help also. You can get out of temptation without lying. Not a bad plan. I do think that fasting should be done in secret though. If your pastor calls a corporate fast then you could simply agree to do it silently instead of announcing it or if someone from the congregation asks you how you are doing with your fast probably giving a simple answer is fine. Just don’t go showing off that you are fasting and you’ll probably be good. And if you slip up and do eat something (I’ve done this also), then just ask God for forgiveness and continue. It is all about our hearts.

Fasting is also a way to humble our selves to Gods will. The first few days are the hardest but after that, it gets easier. I am repeating testimonies from people at my church and from the book listed above. I haven’t fasted longer than a day so I am not speaking from experience. Fasting has so many benefits. Some doctors even prescribe fasting as healthy! When you fast, your body cleanses itself of impurities and your complexions will clear up, you’ll lose weight, and you will feel so much closer with God. There is so much more I could write on but I am trying to keep this devotional to a reasonable length since school is starting and other commitments are bound to come up.

Before you decide to go on a fast though, pray about it to God. Again, most of what I have said in here is from the book listed above. I highly recommend it so you can study it for yourself and can read the information I unfortunately had to leave out. Until next article, Michaela

Sept.1. Isa. 58
Sept.2. Ps. 133-134
Sept.3. Esther 6
Sept.4. Ps.140
Sept.5. Ps.139
Sept.6. Isa. 24
Sept.7 Acts.7: 51-60; Gal.6: 1-5
Sept.8 Gal. 5: 1-6
Sept.9. Esther 7
Sept.10. Ezek. 20: 45-49; Matt.18: 6-9
Sept.11. Luke 14: 7-14
Sept.12. Luke 14: 15-34
Sept.13. John.1: 23-25; Rom. 2:17-24
Sept.14. Isa. 25
Sept.15. 1 Cor.11: 27-34
Sept.16. 1 Cor. 12:1-11
Sept.17. 1 Cor. 12:12-31
Sept.18. Esther 8
Sept.19. 2 Cor. 10:1-6
Sept.20. Isa. 26
Sept.21. Gal. 3:1-9
Sept.22. Gal. 3:10-18
Sept.23. Gal. 3:19-25
Sept.24. Luke 4:1-13
Sept.25. Luke 24:44-53
Sept.26. Matt. 11:20-30
Sept.27. Esther 9
Sept.28. Isa. 27
Sept.29. Ps.100
Sept.30. Ps.88


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  1. Nice! I’ll admit that fasting isn’t my strong point, but reading this, maybe I should give it another shot?!? 🙂

  2. I’ve tried it several times and have failed as well. Though I’m sure God still loves us. lol

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