Stepping Stones

A Monthly Devotional, by Michaela Popielski

Hey everyone. I hope May was a good month for everyone. It was crazy for me. But onto June. I got the idea for this month’s devotional from two sources. One was a lesson from a friend’s youth group and the second was Guitar Hero. How these two go hand in hand is simple. The youth lesson was about going all out for God, and the Guitar Hero was that thrill we feel when we move up to the next level. So that’s how these two go together. We go all out for God and the deeper or farther we go we get blessed even more. Pretty self explanatory. Is it easy? Depends on you. As I said in an earlier column, some people have an easier time than others sharing the gospel. I know people of both types. Outgoing and reserved.

If you are quiet does that mean you are less important? Nope. God uses quiet people all the time. Moses is a good example. He had a stutter and God used him and his brother Aaron to do amazing things. If you are outgoing then you probably have an easier time sharing the gospel. Either way. I am not trying to repeat myself but I feel like this is important. Knowing our worth in God’s kingdom quiet or not is important both our physical lives and spiritual lives. Well, I’d better get to the verses. The computer I was working on crashed and only about half was written down. I plan on doing much better next month. Have a good summer! ~Michaela

Jun.1. Gal.1:10; James 1:3-4; Isa. 16

Jun.2. Zech.7:1-7; James 2:1-13; Col. 3:23-24

Jun.3. I Cor. 14:12; Heb.4:12; Matt. 7:15; Hos.17

Jun.4. 1 Cor.13:1-13; Acts 7:54-60

Jun.5.  2 Chron. 14-16

Jun.6. Ps.70; Rom.12:6-8

Jun.7. Ps.73; Isa. 17

Jun.8. Ps.83; Deu. 20:24

Jun.9. Acts. 8-9

Jun.10. Ezek. 9; Ps.19

Jun.11. Mark 3:20-30; Mark 10:23-31

Jun.12. Luke 6:37-45; Hosea 18

Jun.13. Luke 11:14-23; 1Peter 1-11

Jun.14. Jude

Jun.15. 1 John 1-3

Jun.16. 1 John 4-5; James 1:12-18

Jun.17. 2 John; 3 John

Jun.18. Titus

Jun.19. Philemon

Jun.20. Eph.1:3-13; Isa. 18

Jun.21. Ps.125:1; John 8:36; Ps. 28

Jun.22. 1 Kings 13; Ps.57

Jun.23. Deu.24

Jun.24. Esther 1

Jun.25 Hosea 19; Eph.6:12

Jun.26. Prov.16:3; Matt.18:3; Ps.20

Jun.27. Ezek.24:15-27; Zech. 7:1-7

Jun.28. Isa. 19; Mark 10:35-45

Jun.29. Luke 15; Acts 9:36-43

Jun.30. Hosea 19.


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  1. The days that say 1 John 2 John 3 John. It means the whole book. I’ve checked and they aren’t very long. Figured I would tell everyone or anyone who reads this article.

  2. Awesome!!!! Took me a while to get on and read it, but great again!!! Lovely thoughts to think about this month! 🙂

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