Macross Frontier

WOOHOOO!! Singerrrrs…Innn….SPAAACE!!!

The year is 2059. Mankind is out wandering the galaxy, looking for hospitable planets to colonize. In the beginning of the show, a reconnaissance unit sent to an unexplored asteroid belt is destroyed by a swarm of alien biomechanical insects, called the Vajra. The Vajra then start attacking the rest of the fleet.

Alto Saotome is a high school student, studying to become a pilot. He is often mistaken for a girl because of his features and long hair. His friends gave him the nickname “Princess,” which he dislikes.

Ranka Lee is a cheerful and lively teenage girl. She works at a Chinese restaurant, Nyan-Nyan. She also has a love of singing, and dreamt of becoming a professional.

Sheryl Nome is a pop music star. Known as the “Galactic Fairy,” her songs constantly top music charts. She’s a very proud person because of that. She recognizes that Ranka has talent, and offers to help her behind the scenes to get started in a pro singer career.

Ozma Lee, Ranka’s older brother, and holds the rank of major. He is a skilled pilot. He is also rather overprotective of Ranka.

In Alto’s school, we have: Mikhail Blanc, a friend and rival of Alto (and the guy responsible for the “Princess” nickname); Luca Angelloni, a junior classmate, and a genius with computers and electronics; and Nanase Matsuura, a friend of Ranka’s, who is a skilled artist.

But despite not being a major character, Clan Clang is my favorite character in Macross. She is a Zentradi, a race of giant humanoids. Due to a genetic anomaly, in the micronization process, which brings her down to standard human size, she becomes physically a juvenile. She can have a quick temper, but can also be insightful. And her eyebrows are shaped like lightning bolts. Who can go wrong with that, eh?

Ranka’s seiyuu, Megumi Nakajima, also provided the voice samples for GUMI, who is my favorite Vocaloid.

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