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The Sports Report, by Caela Fox.

Tim Tebow a New York Jet

Tim Tebow is no longer a Denver Bronco. Tim was traded to the New York Jets because the Broncos signed Peyton Manning from the Indiana Colts. Tim will be the backup quarterback to Mark Sanchez. During Tim’s press conference he said that he was very excited to be playing in New York. He also said that he is very blessed to have an opportunity to play in such a great city like New York. Well good luck to Tim on however many games he gets to play and good luck on next season. Tim don’t stop doing what you’re doing, because you are such an inspiration to me and a lot of other people. Keep giving all the glory to God, and having such a great and uplifting attitude. God Bless!

March Madness

March Madness is the playoffs for college basketball. There are four divisions with 16 teams in each division. The divisions are the South, East, West, and Midwest. There is seven different stages of March Madness, stage one is the First round. In the first round two teams that are tied in each division play each other to see who gets to move on to the second round. In the second round the top 16 teams from each division play each other till there are only eight teams per division. Round three works the same way as round two but there is only eight teams and the play till there is only four teams left per division. Round 4 (Sweet 16 or Regional Semifinals) is the last 16 teams of the whole National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) four per division. Round 5 (Elite 8 or Regional Finals) is the same as sweet 16 where there is 8 teams over all, two per division. The next stage is the Final Four which is when the best team from each division plays each other. The finals of March Madness is the National Championship game and this game decides who win the NCAA National Championship title.

South Teams: 1 University of Kentucky (UK), 2 Duke, 3 Baylor, 4 Indiana (IND), 5 Wichita State (WICH ST), 6 University of Nevada at Los Vegas (UNLV), 7 Notre Dame (N DAME), 8 Iowa State (IOWA ST), 9 University of Connecticut (UCONN), 10 Xavier, 11 Colorado (COLO), 12 Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), 13 New Mexico State (NM ST), 14 South Dakota State (SDAK ST), 15 Lehigh, and 16 West Kentucky (W KY).

West Teams: 1 Michigan State (MICH ST), 2 Missouri University (MIZZOU), 3 Marquette (MARQ), 4 Louisville (LOUIS), 5 New Mexico (N MEX), 6 Murray State (MURRAY), 7 Florida (FLA), 8 Memphis (MEM), 9 St. Louis University (SLU), 10 University of Virginia (UVA), 11 Colorado State (CO ST), 12 Long Beach State University (LBSU), 13 Davidson (DAVID), 14 Brigham Young University (BYU), 15 Norfolk State University (NORFLK), and 16 Long Island University (LIU).

East Teams: 1 Syracuse (SYR), 2 Ohio State (OHIO ST), 3 Florida State University (FSU), 4 Wisconsin (WISC), 5 Vanderbilt (VANDY), 6 Cincinnati (CINCY), 7 Gonzaga (GONZ), 8 Kansas State (KAN ST), 9 Southern Mississippi (S MISS), 10 West Virginia University (WVU), 11 Texas, 12 Harvard (HARV), 13 Montana (MONT), 14 St. Bonaventure (ST. BONA), 15 Loyola University Maryland (LOY MD) and 16 University of North Carolina Asheville (UNC A).

Midwest Teams: 1 University of North Carolina (UNC), 2 Kansas, 3 Georgetown (GTOWN), 4 Michigan (MICH), 5 Temple, 6 San Diego State University ( SDSU), 7 Saint Mary’s (STMARY), 8 Creighton (CREIGH), 9 Alabama (ALA), 10 Purdue, 11 North Carolina State ( NC ST), 12 University South Florida (USF), 13 Ohio, 14 Belmont (BELMNT), 15 Detroit (DET), and 16 Vermont (VERMNT).

First Round

South: West Kentucky and Mississippi Valley University were tied for 16th place so they had to play each other to see who would be in March Madness. West Kentucky beat Mississippi Valley 59-58.

West: BYU and Iona College were tied for 14th place so they played each other and BYU beat Iona College 78-72. So BYU went on to March Madness.

Midwest: Vermont and Lamar were tied for 16th place. Vermont beat Lamar 71-59 so Vermont went on to March Madness.  USF and California University were for tied 12th place USF beat California move on to March Madness.

Second Round

South: 1 UK beat 16 W KY 81-68, 15 LEHIGH beat 2 DUKE 75-70, 3 BAYLOR beat 14 SDAK ST 68-60, 4 IND beat 13 NM ST 79-66, 12 VCU beat 5 WICH ST 62-59, 11 COLO beat 6 UNLV 68-64, 10 XAVIER beat 7 N DAME 67-63, and 8 IOWA ST beat 9 UCONN 77-64.

West: 1 MICH ST beat 16 LIU 89-67, 15 NORFLK beat 2 MIZZOU 86-64, 3 MARQ beat 14 BYU 88-68, 4 LOUIS beat DAVID 69-62, 5 N MEX beat 12 LBSU 75-68, 6 MURRAY beat 11 CO ST 58-41, 7 FLA beat 10 UVA 71-45, and 9 SLU beat 8 MEM 89-67.

East: 1 SYR beat 16 UNC A 72-65, 2 OHIO ST beat 15 LOY MD 78-59, 3 FSU beat 14 STBONA 66-63, 4 WISC beat 13 MONT 73-49, 5 VANDY beat 12 HARV 79-70, 6 CINCY beat 11 TEXAS 65-59, 7 GONZ beat 10 WVU 77-54, and 8 KAN ST beat S MISS 70-64.

Midwest: 1 UNC beat 16 VERMNT 77-58, 2 KANSAS beat 15 DET 65-50, 3 GTOWN beat 14 BELMNT 74-59, 13 OHIO beat 4 MICH 65-60, 12 USF beat 5 TEMPLE 58-44, 11 NC ST beat 6 SDSU 79-65, 10 PURDUE beat 7 STMARY’S 72-69, and 8 CREIGH beat 9 ALA 58-57.

In the second round the biggest upsets were S: 15 LEHIGH over 2 DUKE; W: 15 NORFLK over 2 MIZZOU, and MD: 13 OHIO over 4 MICH.

Third Round

South: 1 UK beat 8 IOWA ST 87-71, 4 IND beat 12 VCU 63-61, 3 BAYLOR beat 11 COLO 80-63, and 10 XAVIER beat 15 LEHIGH 70-58.

West: 1 MICH ST beat 9 SLU 65-61, 4 LOUIS beat 5 N MEX 59-56, 3 MARQ beat 6 MURRAY 62-53, and 7 FLA beat 15 NORFLK 84-50.

East: 1 SYR beat 8 KAN ST 75-58, 4 WISC beat 5 VANDY 60-57, 6 CINCY beat 3 FSU 62-56, and 2 OHIO ST beat 7 GONZ 73-66.

Midwest: 1 UNC beat 8 CREIGH 87-73, 13 OHIO beat 12 USF 62-56; 11 NC ST beat 3 GTOWN 66-63, and 2 KANSAS beat 10 PURDUE 63-60.

In the third round the biggest upsets were E: 6 CINCY over 3 FSU and MD: 11 NC ST over 3 GTOWN.

Sweet 16

South Regional Semifinals: 1 UK beat 4 IND 102-90, and 3 BAYLOR beat 10 XAVIER 75-70.

West Regional Semifinals: 4 LOUIS beat 1 MICH ST 57-44, and 7 FLA beat 3 MARQ 68-58.

East Regional Semifinals: 1 SYR beat 4 WISC 64-63, and 2 OHIO ST beat 6 CINCY 81-66.

Midwest Regional Semifinals: 1 UNC beat 13 OHIO, and 2 KANSAS beat 11 NC ST 60-57.

In the fourth round (Sweet 16 or Regional Semifinals) the biggest upsets were W: 4 LOUIS over 1 MICH ST, and 7 FLA over 3 MARQ.

Elite 8

South Regional Finals: 1 UK beat 3 BAYLOR 82-70.

West Regional Finals: 4 LOUIS beat 7 FLA 72-68.

East Regional Finals: 2 OHIO ST beat 1 SYR 77-70

Midwest Regional Finals: 2 KANSAS beat 1 UNC 80-67.

In the fifth round (Elite 8 or Regional Finals) biggest upset E: 2 OHIO ST over 1 SYR.

Final Four

The first game of the final four was 1 UK VS 4 LOUIS. UK outplayed LOUIS the whole game. In the first half UK scored 35 over LOUIS 28. The second half UK scored 34 points over LOUIS 33 points. The final score was 69-61. So UK advanced to the National Championship Game. The second game of the final four was 2 OHIO ST VS 2 KANSAS. OHIO ST dominated in the first half 34 point to the 25 points KANSAS scored. The second half was a different story until the final minutes. KANSAS came back to win the game by two points. If you ask me I would call KANSAS the Secretariat of College Basketball. So KANSAS will play UK for the National Championship.

National Championship Game

The final game of the season was between UK and KANSAS. The first half UK scored 41 points over KANSAS 27 points, but the second half KANSAS scored 32 over the 26 points scored by UK. In the end KANSAS could not pull off a win so UK won the National Championship 67-59. Anthony Davis from UK was named Player of the Year. He was also named the winner of the 2010 Naismith Trophy. Well good luck to all the teams next year and congratulations to the University of Kentucky.

Caela’s byline: I am the oldest of six children. I am a Christian. I love watching movies, playing on my computer, and I love watching sports. I want to go to Syracuse University, and eventually become a sports journalist. My favorite sports are hockey, football(soccer) ,and golf.

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