How To Become A Lawyer

Have you ever wondered exactly what it takes to become a lawyer? How To Become A Lawyer ( is a website completely dedicated to just that – educating grade school and college level students on what it takes to achieve a Juris Doctorate degree. In short, individuals looking to become a lawyer will have to get their high school degree, 4 year college degree as well as complete 3 years of law school. After law school is completed all passing students will have to study and take the bar exam. Upon completion of the bar exam many states require individuals to pass what’s called a “character exam.” If you’re an upstanding individual you shouldn’t have any concerns.

With all that said becoming a lawyer is an 11 year process. If you choose to go this route you will embark upon an exciting adventure as a licensed attorney. The only question left is what TYPE of lawyer will you become? Bankruptcy, criminal, family, business? The choice is yours. As shown in the infographic below, becoming a lawyer doesn’t have to be the end result. Many lawyers became the United States President!

Presidential Lawyers
Presidential Lawyer Infographic brought to you by:

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