Homeschool to Grad School

“Your kid has no chance of getting into grad school.” That’s what parents are told by homeschool opponents. And they state the following reasons as fact:

  • Lack of academic foundation
  • They don’t have a “real” high school diploma
  • They didn’t get their undergrad from a brand-name college

The fact: These are lies. However, if grad school is even a remote possibility for your children, there are specific actions they should be taking now.

A new free eBook – “Homeschool to Grad School: A How-To Guide for Homeschoolers” – will give you insights, real stories, and step-by-step actions you can take now to help your children get accepted into grad school.

Here’s what you will discover in this new eBook:

      • The worst academic mistake homeschoolers make – it’s so bad it can prevent them from grad school acceptance.
      • What students as young as 13 should do now to set themselves up for success in grad school.
      • Real stories from homeschoolers who were accepted into top-tier graduate schools and how they did it.

The eBook is written by Shawn Cohen, a homeschooler who earned a BA in English, completely debt-free, and was then accepted into the grad school of his choice.

This eBook is provided to you compliments of CollegePlus. Click here to get your free copy of the eBook.

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