Dino D-Day

Dinosaurs exist and the Nazis have them!

A Game Review by Josh

Dino D-Day is a multiplayer shooter game in which dinosaurs walk the earth once again, made into ferocious weapons by Adolf Hitler. You can play as either side. The Allies have six playable characters, each with unique weapons and abilities. As an Axis player you will have your choice of three human classes and six dinosaur classes.

Dinosaurs include: Velociraptor, Desmatosuchus, Dilophosaurus, Dtygimoloch, Compsognathus, Microraptor, Protoceratops, Styracosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus Rex. “Trigger” (protoceratops) is a dinosaur that the Americans found and have working on their side. Non-playable dinosaurs include: Pterosaurs, Brachiosaurus, and Triceratops.

Dino D-Day has several different game modes: Deathmatch, Control Point, King of the Hill, and Objective.

Deathmatch is the classic online multiplayer mode. Teams compete against one another for the most kills. A round ends when the team’s frag limit is reached (set by the server). The map then resets for the next round.

An alternate team Deathmatch mode appears on certain T-Rex maps. In this mode, each team competes for the frag limit but Axis side will have a T-Rex. T-Rex kills are worth 3 points. T-Rex is selected randomly from the Axis players. When that T-Rex dies, a new player is selected and so on until the round ends.

Control Point has the teams battling over strategic points in the map. The first team to control all points wins the round.

King of the Hill teams compete to control an area at the center of the map. Players must occupy the hill to capture it (time specified by the server). When a team captures the hill their timer begins to go down. They must defend the hill and prevent the opposing team from recapturing the hill. The round ends when the winning team’s timer reaches zero. The map will then reset for the next round.

Objective is a game mode where the Allies are trying to blow stuff up, and must successfully plant five bomb satchels on a target to destroy it. The satchels can be defused by Axis players.

In another Objective mode, the Allies start by trying to capture two MG42 nests that flank an old fortress. If the Allies succeed, the Axis team has one last chance to win the round: one player on the Axis team is selected to play as a Styracosaur – a huge dinosaur with a turret on its back. To win the round, the Styracosaur must reach the goal on the far side of the map. The Allies must try to stop him.

The Dino D-Day developers have a clever sense of humor as indicated by how they do the WWII-style propaganda posters, newspaper headlines, radio broadcasts, and lines said by the characters. The game uses real WWII music, too, like German marching songs. All of these things combined make for an authentic but light-hearted atmosphere.

When the game was first released, it wasn’t very good. But they’ve since put a lot more time into it and they released an enormous update at the end of last year. Now it’s much better, and lots more fun to play. I just wish they had a single player campaign, although I hear they may be working on one.

The game is rated T (Teen), and it’s available on Steam for only $10. Visit the Dino D-Day website at www.dinodday.com or watch the official release trailer below:

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