Voices of the Faithful: Book 2, by Beth Moore

Imagine what a day in the life of a missionary is like. What about a year? What would it be like to witness hundreds of lives being changed,and multiple hearts being healed? What would you do if you could travel to a different part of the world, every day for a year, for less then the cost of a theme park ticket?

You can do that with Beth Moore’s sequel to Voices of the Faithful, the devotional. 366 new stories, with a different theme for each month. Themes all the way from prayer to hope, and the constant encouragement throughout. Each day has both a scripture at the beginning, and a prayer at the end. Not to mention the incredible stories!

Incredible, miraculous stories inscribed on every page! One of the stories that stood out to me is the one on December 25th. So encouraging, and completely edifying! Mission work has always been on my heart, and this book definitely shared experiences of many different missionaries. I love books like this that have happy endings. Though this book had a few sad stories, they almost always turned out well, and everything written portrayed a purpose. I also liked that all of the royalties of the book were donated to support the International Mission Board. On a more vain note, the book is beautifully designed. I couldn’t believe how incredibly striking it was! The font matched the book perfectly 🙂

Overall, I loved it! Great book, and it is 100% worth your money! ~Libbi H.

Libbi is a homeschooler who runs the Life is Funner blog at http://lifeisfunner.blogspot.com . She likes peacocks, the color pink, hair accessories, and reading biographies.

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