R.I.P. Steve Jobs


I am Reign Henderson, 13 years old. I’m not much of a talker (or a writer for that matter). I have ADHD. But, I am creative. I design clothing and I will succeed. It’s all still within my reach. So, I just wanted to say:

Photography provided by: Lori Davette (www.LoriDavette.com)

“It really saddens me that we have lost such a valuable mind. Steve Jobs has been an inspiration to millions. He stands behind many advances in the field of technology and has aided in transforming life and communication as we know it. It is partly because of Jobs that my children have access to the world in the palm of their hands. Steve Jobs meant so much to us and the community of home educators across the globe. He was truly an innovator. He will be truly missed. R.I.P. Mr. Jobs.” -Lori Davette

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